Top to not ?

  • As I'm sure most of you do I look at the who's at the top of the 200 and squad list several times a day. Not sure if it's just me or everyone does it but I also then filter and look by biggest decrease. I've noticed that daily those at the top with biggest increase are regularly then dropping the following day to the biggest decrease. Is this people literally chasing the news stories then dropping when it's quiet, people bulk buying waiting for people to follow then mass selling or just purely impatient people buying and selling? I can't get my head round it

  • @Kelly18 usually when a player has increased quite a bit in 24hrs. There will always be traders taking profits. Its hard but i try not to look at daily ups and downs, but look at at least 1 or 2 weeks ahead or more at where the price can go.

  • @Hold-The-Door thanks. I've been looking daily since I started but seems more common over the last week or so

  • @Kelly18 bigger spikes and drops over the past week, with the bonus announcement

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