Mathieu Cafaro

  • How the hell is he 42p

  • He's the right age (22) in a position that FI investors love, attacking midfielder.

    But, his stats are average at best and his player rating on is only 6.75, from 23 appearances, nearly half from the bench.

    Playing in an unfashionable team in the French league, and can't cement a place in the starting 11.

    Not enough for me I'm afraid but good luck if you have invested

  • @Long-Haul-Col

    Can't cement a place??? Should we just invest in players that play 100% of the teams games ?? And if he can do what he's doing in Reims then I'm sure he'll be doing a hell of a lot more if he moves, several clubs sniffing.


    23 games 不不不不

  • @Andy-M

    Just my opinion Andy, I wish you all the best if you are onboard but its just not for me, thats all.

    And yes, if a player cant get a regular start in a mid table french league then that would alarm me as the standard at that level, as I am sure you are aware is not great.

    But at 46p is cheap and could rise.

    Just not for me

  • @Long-Haul-Col But your stats are pathetically wrong, 23 games ?? He's played 33 games before tonight in the league, so 34 now, which tells me he's missed 4 from 38, oh and guess what?? He was injured, I appreciate your kind replies but at least give correct statistics


  • @Andy-M

    Yes you are correct, 34 games not 23 (10 off the bench) which makes the stats even worse. :-)

    Good luck if your onboard but its not for me.

  • @Long-Haul-Col I think you are just trying to wind me up, he played one full game between August and November, which obviously means he barely left the starting line-up from then onwards, go and annoy someone else 不不

  • To use your words you are "pathetically wrong" as if you look at the number of minutes he has played since November in certain games then clearly he has not started a few of those games.

    As you stated at least if you are going to PUMP a player at least give correct statistics.

    I am not trying to wind you up but as stated in previous posts, it's not a player I would be buying.

    Once again good luck if you are onboard

  • @Long-Haul-Col I ain't pumped him, if you are not interested then good for you, little strange that you've posted 3 times on a player you don't rate, don't want, and don't care about

  • @Andy-M

    Just backing my opinion as you are yours.

    Good luck, (might buy some now)

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