Richarlison.. .

  • Richarlison being linked with UTD like soo many others.. . Any truth . . . This guy ive been sayin for a while hugely underpriced.. .

  • I owned but i’ve Now seen the same thing happen at Watford as it has at Everton under the same manager....1st half of the season good...2nd half not so good.

  • @Ellisandro how much of him did you actually watch last season? Because that isn't true. He did start off well and then he had a little dip toward the middle but then he came back and was playing well again toward the end of the season until he picked up that rib injury. I'm not saying he was a picture of consistency but it was an improvement upon his time at Watford. Let's not forget he is only 22 as well, it is perfectly normal for players of that age to still be developing their game and very rarely do they perform to the highest standard every week.

  • @Ellisandro in fairness, his form reflected the form of Everton during the season: a strong start and finish with a dip in between.

    In regards to the original point, Richarlison will only leave Everton this summer if someone offers £80+ million as we do not want to sell him. Next summer is a different matter depending on how next season pans out

  • @Murph "Richarlison will only leave Everton this summer if someone offers £80+"

    So he's not going anywhere then 🙄

  • Wrote this on a Richarlison thread a couple of months ago, still seems applicable.

    "when he went to Watford, he came straight from playing in Brazil over the Summer, so he essentially played competitive football for 18 months straight. Understandable he had a poor second half of the season (as did Watford) after being great up til Christmas. Encouraging signs he's coming back into form with the rest of the Everton team last few weeks.

    No idea whether he would go to Liverpool (doubt it personally), but I strongly suspect he will move to a bigger club than Everton sooner or later - probably sooner."

  • @Ericali yup, pretty much.

  • He doesn't seem the type to stay around for too long anywhere. I reckon if he gets an offer, he'll take it. Would a move to Barcelona ( one of the rumours I recall seeing) still see his price go up?

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