Ismailla Sarr

  • Top forward for today.. . £1.37 linked with premiership clubs.. . Nice words from mourinho praising him recently too.. . Right winger, young.. .

  • @Zola25 really rate Sarr has a huge future and is relatively PB friendly - that was his second win this season.
    PL move likely with both Arsenal and Leicester showing interest - actually think Leicester could be the better move with further development under Rodgers.

  • @janner73

    IF Leicester sign him.. .they will smash it.. . To be honest arsenal need him .. perfect for right wing for them

  • He played against Arsenal in the EL this season and gave us all kinds of trouble in the first leg. Looks a promising young player and Arsenal need a direct option out wide so wouldn't be against taking a punt on him.

  • @Zola25 I see Leicester challenging for top 6 next season - Sarr could be the piece to actually get them there.
    So much young talent and if you add Sarr's pace on the wing they will be a threat to anyone.

  • @janner73 no chance with Leicester imo but we will see top 6 miles ahead with everything

  • @jay I think Man Utd and Chelsea without Hazard are both vulnerable next season. Leicester under Rodgers were a really good side - obviously they need to hold on to the likes of Maddison and Tielemans but if they do I think they'll be challenging.
    As will Wolves - IF they can handle playing Europa League midweek as well.

  • @janner73 I guess Chelsea could be very slack imagine united will come around 6th if ole stays

  • @jay im yet to be convinced by Ole and I think its a big rebuilding job at Utd - might have to get worse yet before it gets better. Of course they have the money to turn it round quickly, but i'm not convinced they have a clear strategy to do so.

  • For a 21 year old winger who has double figures in goals and assists this season and serious premier league interest he still looks very cheap.

  • Sarr at £1.32 looks a very safe bet for any new money going into the index prior to the deposit bonus coming to an end.

    His current price is still very low for a young proven PB player even if there is no transfer.

    However a transfer to a better team will give even more PB chances and should see price increase.

    There is also the chance of transfer speculation throughout the summer and he may well sneak into the 5 MB places a few times if that is the case.

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