Best PB league per position

  • Wondering if anyone has data as to which leagues get the most wins per position, i.e
    German defenders
    French midfielders
    Spanish attackers

    Depending on styles of play and match days etc.
    Looking to spread around my PB players for next season and this would be somewhere to start.

  • interesting Question, but would require quite a bit of drilling down with a data site to come up with the answers. Not entirely sure whether the effort invested would prove as useful - and obviously these thing change from season to season depending on many factors.

    I'll post up the Top 20 PB teams this season, because that's easy :)

    1: Barcelona
    2: PSG
    3: Chelsea
    4: Bayern
    5: Liverpool
    6: Man City
    7: Tottenham
    8: Arsenal
    9: Bayer Leverkusen
    10: Atalanta
    11: B Mönchengladbach
    12: B Dortmund
    13: R Madrid
    14: Sevilla
    15: Juventus
    16: A Madrid
    17: Ajax
    18: Valencia
    19: Inter
    20: Nice

  • That's still good info thanks mate!

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