• Hell all,
    Been on FI since January,and with a reasonably modest investment of £300,i have managed to make a profit of about 19-20% if I sold to the market and allowing for the 2% commission payable.(done well on Kane and Sterling).
    I am now willing to invest a larger amount,probably about the £2000 mark,and am seeking advice on my proposed plan,,which is,,
    40% in 10 players who are "media stars",,,,Pogba,,Messi,,Sterling etc.
    40% in what I call "performance value",,,Walker,Mane,,TrentAA,,Pique.
    15% in 4 or 5 "up and coming"players..Aarons,,Lewis at Norwich etc
    5% for what I call "rection money"eg,if I suddenly see news flash up on tv,see if I can get on quickly before the big money arrives,and see if I can make a few £ by quick reactions and keep that amount separate to reinvest again...
    All opinions gratefully received..Regards Martin.

  • I put 2k in yesterday funnily enough which more than doubled my total investment.

    The only thing with that plan in my view is that £800 pushed into messi pogba sterling really wont go far. Let's say u split it 3 ways evenly between those 3. Roughly £270 going into pogba will get you roughly 36 pogbas. Let's say he wins MB every single day for the next 2 months, theres £64.80 in dividends. Obviously though that's not gonna happen.

    Let's say he wins it 1 day in 3, £21.60. That might be realistic, might still be optimistic, I really dont know.

    Whether your money worked well or badly for you would hinge on cap app/dep probably

    My view is that unless your a real big player who can just throw 20k or so at a single player and reap the divs long term, theres far better value elsewhere than with pogba or neymar.

    Just my 2 penneth mind ya

  • @NewUser243473 firstly, good returns! i'm sure this is how lots of people start with FI too, put in a bit, get a feel for it, then go bigger. Shows the strength of the platform.

    Think you splitting up your port into different 'asset classes' is a sensible idea. Depends on how you want to trade (frequency etc), and different people will have their own %'s - but one thing to additionally think about is how the market cycle moves, where certain type of holds may be more attractive at different times of the season.

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