How long did it take you for your port to grow by £500?

  • Obviously dependent on your initial investment but intrigued for the responses nonetheless

  • I was very lucky as I got lucky on my first two investments and I think it only took me about 3 weeks. From an initial £800 investment. It has slowed down markedly since then sadly :-)

  • Still waiting! but happy with progress so far as its been consistantly steady (Apart from two weeks after the first 10% bonus period ended) and feel I've done enough trail and error for the growth to continue long term.

    After having a relatively small value in the index for a year decided to put about 1.7k in just before the share split and today im at at ROI of 20%, if things continue at that rate ill be very happy!

  • 4 months.
    A better question might be, how long did it take you to reach 30% (or other random figure) growth?
    The answer to that is 4 and a half months for me.

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