Potential new strategyfor me to use

  • So, with a view to next season, and dividends etc, I am wondering...

    Does anyone here just buy say, the top dividend earner at every top 5 team in all 5 leagues.
    I am looking to move some money about, my whole port is worth £2400 atm, and I am considering if it is worth using it just to buy the top in each team and reap in the divs.
    If I did this I would have to pretty much forget potential/young players etc.

    I dont think I will do it, but playing with the idea is keeping me entertained this morning before the family BBQ.


  • I mean it should give you a nice steady flow of dividends.
    But in my opinion the best way is just to diversify your portfolio....have a few from all different categories of players. Also lowers the risk.

    My problem is my port is getting out of control as I seem to end up getting on too many different players!

  • I barely touched the big players in big teams early on, looking for the quick profits from 23p gems, but have started to look more at the top 200 recently as my portfolio was going nowhere. Getting a few pence a day looked like nothing for £3 plus players but it does soon start mounting up.

  • @MrWh1te here lies another FI predicament ..ie small port= can’t diversify
    Hence my port 80 atm
    Dividends £460 (7 months)nothing compared to some but I’m happy with it & I’ve got dividends approx 100 times out of last 120 days..so looking forward to 5x Media

  • @MrWh1te sounds goo to me but id maybe not commit to top 5 from every league. Top 5 in the EPL. Top 2 or maybe 3 in the others.
    Enjoy the BBQ its horrible up here so no chance of that for us.

  • @Friedeggs
    I focused on mainly cap app so far, I do now have Kane/Salah/Sterling but have made 30% ROI, £600 profit. But only £32 in dividends. Feel like I am missing a trick.
    Greed eh!

    That is an idea. My other issue is that with such a small investment, I can't buy that many shares in each player so not sure it is even worth it with so much cap app about atm.

  • @MrWh1te my portfolio is £2500 so im in a similar investment bracket as you. A few months ago i decided to do something very similar to you but didnt limit myself to teams or leagues i just went for as many as the big dividend earners as i could however this did limit my number of shares per player. You need to forget cap app going down this road i only hold 3 cheap players for this with 250-500 futures each about £600 of my port is here. The rest is the big dividend earners all between 25-50 futures. Which sounds very small but when you are winning media most days those 50p and £1s add up

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