Cengiz Under alternatives!

  • Just wanted to see what peoples thoughts on Cengiz Under were really?

    The guy has obvious talent, young with bags of potential and ticked off yet another assist tonight, off the bench. I have been looking for someone around the £1.20 mark and have settled on Under as I have faith in his potential and the PL big boys have shown interest previously.

    Is he seriously underpriced or is it me? Compared to some overpriced on here he seems cheap!

    Is there anyone else out there better for that price?

    Would really love to know peoples thoughts and similar player holds.


  • @NewUser285504 I started a similar thread on him when he was £1.13 and he’s just been linked with a move to PL but his price didn’t move much. Definitely underpriced if you ask me

  • I would agree he is underpriced.Problem for me is Roma appointing Ranieri as manager.Roma need to appoint someone like Benitez in my opinion.They do have some really talented young players that need a manager to firstly give them consistent game time to developed and a more fluid style of play.

  • @Chewbacker Ranieri has left now.

  • @Timothee-Atouba No disrespect to Ranieri but Roma would do better with a more dynamic manager to push this side on.

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