£500 Deposit Advice

  • Hi All,

    Would just like some advice from the FI Community.

    I have deposited £500 and I am not sure how to 'invest' the funds.

    I was looking at MB players up until 30 June (mainly transfer rumours), and then slowly de-risking towards PB players for 2019/20 season.

    However, a lot of the MB players that I have been tracking seem to have hit their ceiling and I cannot see any further growth in them (Hazard, de Ligt.... etc). Have I missed the boat on this? During this time I have seen big PB players like Ronaldo and Messi slowly decline (Ronaldo scraping the floor at £2.15 at one stage).

    And then obviously there's the small factor of the U21 and U20 competitions which will seemingly make the youth trend notch up another gear.

    Please help!

    All advice much appreciated.


  • Forget all the dividends and get Bruno Fernandez and buendia for Norwich. Two class players who should rise over the next months

  • Like house prices you’ve never missed the boat

  • @FI_ProfitMonkey depends on your approach to risk, how much time you have available and whether you are looking for short-term quick profit or happy to take a slightly longer term approach.

    Personally I would put half of the £500 into a couple of MB players over the summer - for me any cap app on these is a bonus I just want a steady stream of dividends over the 2 months which I can re-invest in shares at the lower end of the market.

    The other half I would use for very short-term flips based on transfer rumours, with the profit I make from the flips being used to slowly build a steady base of PB players for next season.

  • Jerome Boateng been told to leave Bayern Munich. Linked with Arsenal. Should see a rise from 50p based on that rumour.

  • I would go with youngish pb players. 26 and below. Very safe investment imo. Laporte n akanji are two off the top of my head. Should see a nice rise by the start of next season.
    Then the longer you stick around the easier the market comes to predict and you can get a little more risky.

  • @janner73

    Cheers bud. I don't really have that much time available to be honest, but I'm more than happy to take a long-term approach. Saying that, the short-term / quick flip profits are appealing. I did that with Tom Bayliss when he was linked to a few Premiership clubs. I was lucky with that one as it went from 25p - 55p within a week or so, before reducing rapidly and I managed to abandon ship.

    BUT I've got to admit that I was thinking about a 50/30/20 split, which is similar to your advice.

    1. £250 into 2-3 big non-transfer rumour MB players, with PB potential for 19/20
    2. £150 into a few transfer rumour MB players which I can flip,
    3. £100 into young potential PB players for next season

    Would that be an advisable plan?

  • @FI_ProfitMonkey Seems perfectly reasonable to me. Transfer rumour players take the most effort as they can rise or fall quickly in price based on one story so I would try to find ones that haven't had too big a rise recently.
    I don't really like mentioning names but Bruno Fernandes for me is a good example of a transfer player that has been steadily dipping over the past few weeks as there have been no new news for a while. Assuming the expected Liverpool/ Man Utd/Man City links re-surface then he's gonna fly again at that point. I'm not saying he's one you should go for but an example of what I would be looking for as opposed to someone who's already had a recent spike.

  • @Zidave I saw that this morning, and I was very tempted. Definitely one I will keep an eye on.

  • I think a lot of the big transfer players have already had big rises so getting on now your downside is larger and more likely than your upside. That being said there's probably still a few good bets out there and short term can make a nice profit.

  • @janner73 I was hoping that Hazard's price would dip prior to the Europa League final because I get the feeling that this time next week everyone will know his decision (Real Madrid-bound). That in turn will probably fuel Bale's move elsewhere, but you don't want to pull a 'Madrid' by investing heavily in him and then getting stuck with him and seeing no returns.

    Bruno Fernandes was one player (along with Joao Felix) who I invested in when I first started, so I've witnessed first hand his peaks and troughs over the past week.

    I've got stung before with buying players at their peak and then seeing their price tumble, so I do try and 'invest' in someone who is on their way down already with potential to ride back up again.

  • @FI_ProfitMonkey Sensible approach. We're in silly season at the moment - a typical day is player X linked to Man Utd, price jumps by 20p and then slowly drops back down a few pence a day until the next story. When it comes to transfers I wont jump on anyone once they've already had a 10p rise - im either in early or not at all.
    Hazard is an interesting one. His price will drop when he moves to Madrid just because the index is self fulfilling and people will sell in anticipation of other people selling which starts the drop and panics others. Personally, I still think he'll return plenty of divs at Madrid, he's one of the top 5 players in the world, there's no reason he wont still win MB and his PB will probably be better. Plus with Euro 2020 next year and platform growth I would fully expect to see him back over £5 in the future with a load of divs between now and then.

  • @FI_ProfitMonkey Bale to me is in risky price territory. He'll get MB over summer for sure but could very easily move nowhere and spend next season playing golf and being paid handsomely by Madrid. I struggle to see which PL team would take him.

  • Put it all on Bruno Fernandes while he is still £2ish
    Will get MB this summer and will rise for sure 👍🏼

  • @FI_ProfitMonkey lump it all on messi..he’s not too old

  • @janner73 That’s very true.

    For my 50% split (£250) I’m looking at 3 players:

    1. Ronaldo
    2. Messi
    3. Kane

    Out the three, Ronaldo and Messi seem to have reached their peak so I can’t see them getting back towards their ceiling. However, I’m pretty sure that any PB/MB I earn from them in the next 3 years will offset any reduction in Future price.

    Kane’s ceiling I feel will only get higher. So when his 3 years are up, I’m pretty sure that I’ll gain a tidy profit.

  • @FI_ProfitMonkey
    Kane should be one of the safest holds around - he's boring but safe. England captain, always brings in his fair share of MB. Can't really go wrong with him.

    Messi divides opinion and I see both sides of it. There will always be downward pressure on his price due to the age bias on FI but he will continue to be one of the best div returners on the platform.

    Ronaldo the highest risk of those 3 although at a price that now reflects it.

  • @janner73

    I 100% agree.

    I’ve shifted my 50%/£250 from:

    • Ronaldo/Kane/Messi
    • Kane/Mbappe/Ronaldo

    After the summer (or possibly the Nations League), I’ll ‘disinvest’ from Ronaldo into Kane and Mbappe.

    I don’t really like Neymar, so he was out of the question because I believe his and Pogba’s values are way too high for me. Do you have any other advice on players to look into?

    At the moment my portfolio is all over the place. I have 36 players in total (a majority of which I only have 1-3 Futures in), and that’s way too much for me to manage. So I’m looking to trim down to a maximum of 15.

  • @FI_ProfitMonkey I'm avoiding Neymar too - partly cos especially at the premium end I'm focussing on European players who will surely be the biggest risers over the next 12 months as we head to the Euro's so premium players that wont be at the Euros are off my list at the moment.
    I would suggest picking up a few cheap players - there's a lot of value at the lower end of the market especially for slightly older PB players. The current focus on the U20 and U21 players is leaving a lot of value for solid older players - I try to always think 3-6 months ahead so I want the players now that everyone else will be wanting in 3-6 months time.

  • @janner73

    That’s another good solid point. Have you got any advice on where I should be looking? I really want to go towards Kai Havertz, but he’s quite expensive at just over £3. Hopefully he might reduce over the summer having being left out the Germany U21 squad.

    Also, do you use IndexGain at all?

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