• Tielemans.
    Is he going to sign for Leicester permantly?
    Is he going to City to replace David Silva, or going to City anyway?
    Are Man United a possible destination?
    Either way it seems Tielemans is set to sign permantly for a Prem Club but where will he be going???
    And is the £40mil being talked about a fair price?

  • I think he is more likely to go Man Utd.
    Utd need a cen mid so much more then city..
    I can’t see him joining Leicester for some reason..
    But 30m-40m for a young talented football player is a steal I think..

  • Sneaky feeling he goes to Leicester. Young, exciting team with a great manager in Rodgers - a year or 2 there before a move to a 'bigger' club.

    Can't see him wanting to join a rebuild at Utd right now after what he went through at Monaco.

  • I think Leicester is most likely as well. Another year there at least then move on.

    I can't see either of the Manchester clubs if he does move I'd probably say Tottenham maybe if Eriksen leaves?

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