Should I Return?

  • Hi Lads/Ladies

    It’s been a while since I traded FI. I was last here just after the JohnMotson advert happened and Sky Ads were on the horizon. Also talks of order books and share split happening.

    Happily invested upto 2k before, done a tonne of research and made a small gain after a few learning curves...realised for me I would need to 10x my investment to make what I would be happy with. This at the time I wasn’t comfortable with doing as there was to much speculation into what was going to happen...I left it for a while.

    What I’m asking is ...

    1. How did the adverts go? (If I hadn’t been on FI before I wouldn’t be a newcomer now as I never here it mentioned on the radio or on the TV or at work with hundreds of fellow workers on sites across London).

    2. Did order books happen and what was the result in terms of positive v negative feedback?

    3. Did the share split happen and what was the result in terms of positive v negative feedback?

    4. What’s the plans for the future of FI now? I’m well and truly out of the loop.

    With the season up and I no from investing into last season a little late I missed a rocket from investing before the season started. If all is well from this post I don’t want to make that mistake again.

  • cant even be bothered to read all that lol

  • In the last five months i think more users have joined than in all the years before that.
    Share split went as planned without a hitch.
    Order books are still a way down the line.
    I'd get back on. Market budget has recently been tripled. Hopefully some big growth ahead.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane Welcome back.

    It seems like I joined around the time when you left so I will give you my view on FI.

    I joined in Jan with a £50- deposit and left it for a month as I was unsure of the credibility of the platform.

    Realistically, due to the growth of the platform rather than my choice of players I made a 10% ROI in 1 month so decided to stick with it.

    In March I committed with a 5 figure investment and currently have about 30% ROI which was my annual target for growth.

    I will be adding more soon to take advantage of the current 10% deposit bonus and cannot speak more highly FI.

    In answer to your Q's,

    1, I have seen and heard the ads on sky and talksport
    2. Order Books due later this year (no date as far as I am aware)
    3. S.S. happened and we saw some amazing growth, little negative feedback, nearly all positive.
    4. Carry on as they are as if it ain't broke.........

    In terms of being a little late I would suggest based on the marketing budget and the speed of growth we all have at least another season to make significant profit.

    The only criticism I have is the speed that FI react to software problems with issues across the various platforms that you can access FI (android, apple, mobile and PC platforms)

    That said only commit what you can afford to lose and above all else be patient.

    Good luck if you decide to re-invest.

  • Nah, I wouldn't bother as I think you've missed the boat.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane “what av you missed”
    How long ya got ❓

    Promotions to Cheltenham where @Misto got ‘ejected’ from lap dancing bar for being to ‘familiar’

    @Vespasian32 has left wife & moved in with ElGhazi

    At the latest ‘trader meet’ in London @Ericali and 50 or so ‘scousers’ had a set to

    @Advinculas-Index is now proper ‘musician’ after purchasing a real ‘guitar’ & ditching the Ukulele with profit from Pog shares

    @Andy-M still has a rant after a beer

    It’s been eventful 😂

  • @Friedeggs you could have all this ☝️or stick with emmerdale and corra. The choice is yours....

  • @FI-expert ouch. But yes I’m planning to come back 👍🏻

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane sorry got it wrong just saw the tweet again.
    In the first four months of 2019 they had more users join than all of 2018. Still great.

  • @LuaLua Thats decent tbh, I’m wandering what the campaign will be during the off season to attract new comers? Will there be a push for it? Are Football Index still aspiring to go higher and bigger?

  • @Friedeggs With game of thrones lodged in the memory w””” bank I’m in need of a new addiction 🤑

  • @Long-Haul-Col That’s nice return buddy fair play 👍🏻

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