PAYDAY... how much goes on FI?

  • So this Friday is payday for most people...
    With the big summer bonus kicking in the following day on June 1st, how much of your pay is going on FI?
    I'll be honest,
    I'm sacrificing food and travel. Basically my existence in general in being sacrificed to pour as much money as possible into FI this Friday!!!

  • Not a red cent!

    I invested my intended amount in October and I'm sticking to it.

    Much as I can see the upside of these deposit/purchase bonuses, they don't fit in with my plan.
    I've got my 20-strong portfolio ready for the 5 media places and PB players for next season so bring it onnnnn! 💪🏻

  • i respect you for having the self control!!
    i go hungry for football index mate
    every spare penny i can get my hands on go on here
    we love this sh!t!!!!

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