Questions for the next podcast!

  • Really excited by this one, I’ll be joined by trading master @yvanbyeajee tomorrow on a special episode of the #FigCast 😁

    Got any questions for him? Leave them down below 👇


  • @The-FIG As I am sure that this will effect a large number of users, I am going on holiday shortly and wish to check on my portfolio but note in the terms and conditions that I cant even do that.(see below from the t&c's)

    b) you confirm that you will not access the Service from outside the UK where it is unlawful for you to do so, and you are in any event responsible for complying (and will comply) with the laws and regulations from which you access the Service;

    My question is:- Are we expected to leave our investment alone without any ability to cover potential dips or move on a player that will obviously rise?



  • @Long-Haul-Col can you not use a VPN app?

  • This guy's not actually an fi trader is he. Like that. Good run of pods atm. Here's my question.
    What's the main benefits of working in a team of investors?

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