Ryan Kent

  • Ryan Kent's still only 0.49. Returns to Liverpool this summer with Villa willing to pay big money regardless of whether they go up or not. Rangers also willing to pay to make the loan permanent.

  • @NatWilliams10 Rangers don't have the money to make the move permanent, linked with the boy ojo on loan as replacement for Kent. Definitely due a rise if bought or on loan to a top championship or EPL side. I managed to get on at 45p. Granted I'm small fry and also a Rangers fan.

  • Agreed on this one. I really like the look of Kent whenever I have seen him. A very exciting player to watch. Saying that though I am a Burnley fan, doesn’t take much to get me excited!

  • I'd like to see him at villa. Especially if they lose today. Big player in the championship. No reason why he couldn't be as effective as grealish who would be gone. Not saying hed reach grealish price mind. Grealish has the media thing but certainly £1 plus

  • Big risk imo. He's excelled in Rangers, but he's largely been really inconsistent throughout his career to date. Can't see him ever making it in the Premier League or even at the top end of the Championship.

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