Ryan Fraser

  • Joined FI during the weekend, so I am a complete novice in trading. I made a purchase regarding Ryan Fraser and his stock has decreased by £0.06! Have I made a school boy error and why would his price go down?

    Any advice for the future would be appreciated.

  • I wouldn't say you have made any error. All players will go through peaks and troughs. Fraser's been on a steady increase being linked with a move for some time. There's been no real change in those rumours and nothing concrete, so some may be selling as they free up money to invest elsewhere.

    Basically, if it turns out he doesn't move, you have him next season smashing goals and assists which will probably see an increase anyway.

    Main tip for me would be have an exit strategy. Work out how much increase you would like. When he gets to that level, reassess the level you are happy with. If you think he will increase further, set yourself a new target AND a price you would be willing to cash out on if he declines(above the initial price and below the current price)

  • @NewUser364253 Ryan Fraser despite the recent dip is still a solid hold.

    His contract runs out in 12 months with no talk of a new one so plenty of TFR rumours.

    Unfortunately, if you look at his 3 month price trend graph it has only gone in one direction and all players on this index will suffer a dip in price at some stage due to different reasons.

    I wouldn't panic as all it takes is a new link with UTD to cover the short fall and increase still further.

    That said if a deal gets agreed quickly no matter which club it is, I would be selling.

    Then look to get back onboard after 15-20% drop.

    Best of luck

  • @NewUser364253 hes a decent hold as others have said and if you diversify your portfolio with others then they should balance his losses out. Have an exit strategy but dont just panic and sell. Hes a good ipd player so after a good game may be a good chance to gain some money back and maybe look to sell then.?

  • @NewUser364253

    Absolutely no error mate.. . I personally think he's certain to leave as a club like Bournmouth can not afford to let him go on a free .. so defo theres a transfer on the ca4ds.. . I feel within the next couple of weeks at latest. .. could even go to the last deadline day!!!

    I have abt 100 shares and i aint selling.

  • @GregT14

    Everton or arsenal would be a perfect move for him. ..

  • Yeah, I’m really surprised by his current dip to be honest. Im determined to hold..... getting harder as I watch him drop ha

  • @GregT14 Just a typical transfer cycle this. Story breaks - price rises, no news for few days and price starts to drop back down a bit, another story breaks - price rises again followed by steady drop.

    Almost guaranteed now the Europa League is final is out the way an Arsenal bid story is coming. Arsenal losing last night was probably good news for Fraser holders as hes the perfect target now they have a lower budget.

  • @GregT14

    Thats the nature of FI.. ive been on max 2 months now.. . The most important thing ive learnt or trying to learn is how long to hold on gor and not to panic sell!! With fraser its no way sell for me. .. proven player and 99% chance of transfer..

  • Yeah me as well, been on since March. Find it very hard to stay patient, and it always ends up biting me in the arse but I continually make the same mistake haha.

    Learning curve but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually

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