PB players - 19/20 Season

  • Hi All

    Just wanted to get an insight on who you think would be a worthwhile additional based on their potential PB scores for next season.

    Obviously we’ve got the big hitters out there but does anyone think they have a few sub 90p gems?

    I’d like to hear if you do!

  • @LuaLua

    Thank you!

  • I dipped into a few today;


    Fairly safe holds IMO who should see a good rise at the start of the season and produced some good PB scores last season.


    Given the speculation today that a move to China could be on the cards further dipped 10p, so a bit more of a gamble but again IMO he’ll either stay at Madrid or move to another PB league. He’s got another 1-2 years in him at top level and beginning of last season rose to £2.


    Again a bit of a risk given his injury concerns, but if he can overcome that then should rocket and playing in a team that’s allows him to push forward at any given opportunity.


    Believe he’ll be spearheading the attack of a very strong Dortmund team next season who I think will better this season.

  • Im taking a gamble on these 4 players as to me they say £££££ in cap app over the season..

    1 - Marko Grujic - 57p, from Liverpool still only 23 spent last season on loan at Hertha berlin scored 5 goals and was klopps first signing and we need to strengthen midfield so he may get a chance next season???

    2 - Scott McTominay 74p, from Man Utd with the shake up happening at old Trafford and ole wants to play with younger players I think McTom will be top of the list as broke through last season and played half decent to claim a place in the team for the start of next season.

    3 - Juan Foyth - 72p, From Tottenham he broke in last season he is looked upon as a top player in argentina squad for the copa America also with the possibility of Toby Alderweireld leaving on a free then there will be a place in the team up for grabs

    4 - this is my bargin of the season once again playing in the copa America for peru and plays club football at Willem II

  • He is 13p and think if he has a good copa the possible pb league move

    Renato Tapia

  • @JoshAF91 Already tipped this somewhere else but if Pulgar stays at Bologna then huge chance of an improvement on what's already been a great season for him.

  • Is anyone slightly worried about buying PB players too early for next season given that Mr Cole suggested the matrix was likely to be reviewed in his Q&A last week?

    I've been buying a few but also holding back slightly as I'm worried that any changes will mean a change in the best PB players. High passing midfielders are probably the ones I have a feeling may be impacted the most by any changes.

  • @janner73 They wouldn't do pb change without coupling it with a div rise and they've said a div rise isn't coming anytime soon. Theyv'e also stated how careful they'll be with big changes like that before. The last time they'd do something like this would be the start of the season after everyones already bought their players. imo more likely to do it at the very end of the season or very slowly change it and tweak it over the course of the season. And change it slow enough so each change has barely any effect on winners. Also think they've only said they're gonna review it. Not sure its quite as close as we think. They have a lot on their plate atm. I wouldn't worry too much pr you'll miss out on some of the nice rises that come. That's just m opinion anyway.

  • @LuaLua fair points. Being selective anyway as any PB players that don't win in the first few weeks of the season will quickly start dropping if last season is anything to go by :)

  • I think Luka Milivojevic will be one to watch next season he’s one of my holds i feel is very under priced at the moment

  • I think Thiago Silva at PSG for 24p is a steal! Looking at 25% for 1 PB win


    Also like the look of Marten De Roon at Atalanta for 33p with UCL next year


  • Good player De Roon. Had a year at boro but we couldn't hold on to him. I think hed be a good PB player as well

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