Luka Jovic

  • I'd be interested on what you guys think about this one.

    He's down from £2.82 to his current price of £2.37.

    Quality player with great stats and from watching first hand would score goals anywhere.

    Nailed on Madrid TFR seems to have hit a hitch and he's talking about a move elsewhere today.

    I have bought a few today but I am thinking of buying a significant number as I really rate this player.

    It seems to me that Madrid seem to lining up a few targets but are waiting to see if they can sign the players at the top of the list whoever that may be. (Mbappe, Neymar, De Ligt)

    Still, a good buy at this price in my opinion, what do you think?

  • Excellent player, I own a few futures but a move to Madrid at 21 rarely works out, it would be much better for him (and me) to go somewhere else, England, Italy or stay in Germany for a few more years at least.

  • @speedloafer It seems like the move to a premier league club might happen as the Madrid move seems to have cooled.

    Not sure if he is trying to push the move through to Real with his recent comments but I think nearly all the premier league clubs could be improved with Jovic.

  • @Long-Haul-Col If he stays at Frankfurt he could do very well next season. If he does leave Chelsea need a top number 9, but they look to be losing Hazard and he is their only standout attacking player left, so who knows how they will perform next season.

  • Chelsea seem keen, but need to overturn that transfer ban. Usually I'd say f**k 'em, but since FI, I'm half looking out for other clubs and their players in my portfolio. A Chelsea who can buy, would lead to transfer battles and increased MB.

  • A good PB earner already at 21, think a move to prem would rocket his price, move to a decent PB team would increase but not sure what a move to Real would do as he could be the star man with hazard (if mbappe, neymar don't go there) or he could struggle to start & drop

  • @Dronny-Gaz

    I suspect that Chelsea have virtually no chance of overturning that transfer ban.

    Apparently CAS (The Council of Arbitration for Sport) has never overruled FIFA in this type of situation.

    Shame, because I'd love it if Chelsea went and blew their incoming Hazard money on bringing Neymar or Mbappe to the Premier League!

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