Julian Draxler

  • @Vespasian32 yeah he was hardly going to say. I want to go, I hate Paris. Very kneejerk selling.

  • @NewUser275766 couldn’t agree more! Big over reaction by the market I think. He’ll either move or he’ll be more involved if mbappe moves!

  • I got lucky and checked my newsnow feed when the story was less then 5 minutes old. So managed to sell to market at peak price when people were still buying.

    Got to think there's another rise to come so I may buy back in.

  • I am starting to think is it worth bothering with these players involved with transfer rumours as their prices can swing wildly one day or the next.

    Had bad dealings on Bale and Draxler plus a couple of others.

    Can be a minefield trying to second guess player movements.

    Next summer might just sell up many of my players end of season and just take a break from FI.

    Going to have a lie down now😞😉

  • @Gazz127 Bale was as high as 3.40 on the final game day when left on the bench by ZZ, also won MB through that I think.

    If you got burned on him did you buy really late ?

    The rumours are what makes it most of the time. Once Wan-Bissaka gets a move, will he stay a £2 full-back ? Its selling during the hype and on the rise with these.

    Vanaken went from 40p to 60p fairly quickly....but is now down to 50p off the back of rumours he has said one more year in Belgium.

  • @Munchie63 I think it's more a case of you just can't take your eye off the ball so to speak with FI as one wrong word mentioned in a statement can send a players value tumbling.

    Just had a bit of a bad few days what with the top English players not delivering in Nations League and the other day I go to have a bath and when I get out Reece James price tumbles due this injury.

    Luckily when Bale dropped to just over £3 I did buy more to lower my ave price.

    Hey in a few days things may turn around but you gotta take the rough with the smooth.

    Been here 4 months but still lots to learn🤔

  • @Gazz127

    Dont worry pal.. im in same boat : )

  • Down to 91p now. Worth buying the dip? Could get a bigger role at PSG if Neymar leaves. Or may be sold himself. Will surely star for Germany in the Euros too.

  • Gone in again.
    Returning to training,
    Neymar is injured again.
    Transfer season again soon.
    When people are looking for a bargain he’s got to hit a £1 soon!

  • @Tom77 me 2. Just a cheeky 100 for now

  • It's about time this f***er made me some money.

  • Great find. Neymar out & game time.... links in Jan.

    I’ll have some of this at 85p. Thanks 👍

  • Also cavani at 0.86£ a great price for a proven goal machine now back fit can’t see him going any lower than that really

  • @kristiang85 said in Julian Draxler:

    It's about time this f***er made me some money.

    Contract expiring in 2021 I’m sure there will be clubs after him.

    His price hasn’t changed since the summer because he has been injured so would also suggest he wont go lower imo.

    I’d think one goal or assist and people will remember him again.

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