• With (hopefully) an impending influx of money on to the platform due to 10% deposit bonus 3, which of the big players are likely to be the main beneficiaries? Mbappe has been fairly static in recent months and been caught up by the pack. If Neymar leaves and he stays at PSG, he will benefit big time. And if he leaves (to Real?), he is likely to grow too...

    I currently hold a bit and wondering whether to go big(ish) on him...

  • You forgot to mention the ridiculous links to NUFC may add to his MB. Apparently Real are favourites to sign him in the summer, with Newcastle 2nd favourites at 25/1!!!

    Talk about jumping the gun regarding this rumoured takeover!

  • Could be a decent option from the bench instead of Atsu

  • Jadon Sancho for me.

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