Arsenal youngsters

  • What induced the price spike of Arsenal's young players today? Amaechi, Nketiah and Willock are all within the top 6 risers today - is it simply because they travelled to Baku (despite them probably not playing?)

  • @NewUser114446 Exactly that I would think. Given that they can have 12 substitutes it's not exactly surprising they travelled - more than likely they'll spend 90 minutes on the bench and it will be fastest finger first on IS.

  • It’s due to the 12 man bench but I don’t believe any will get game time with welbeck back as well nketiah is not the next best striker

  • Personally think welbeck is a safer punt if people are looking at one match day , it’s his last game in an arsenal shirt more than likely to stay in pl and just returned from injury a goal in the final would send him flying although he won’t start will definitely come on

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