Sander Berge

  • Norwegian international who currently plays for Genk. He's had links to Roma in Jan but now Spurs and City are circling and tipped to make a move. He's cheap at 79p and could rocket as he seems to have been under the radar. I must confess I only knew about him because of Football Manager and I got in on before the share split.

  • not so cheap for a Genk player really?

  • @BlayneB No, but the price indicates people (like me) investing for his next club and his potential.

  • @BlayneB probs not cheap as far as Genk players go, but given that he's linked with some big teams 0.79p could bee very cheap in the coming months. I got in on Moise Kean for £0.62 and he's doing alright.

    Berge could drop, could rocket, could stay where he is but given he value in a lower level team/league then perhaps there is more to come from him.

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