Jack Grealish - top of the world, but not on FI

  • See Jack Grealish has started to drop rapidly since securing promotion to the Premier League. £2.38 over the weekend, now sitting at £2.06. Big drop especially considering he was £2.21 at 9:30 this morning.

    Reckon people when in big on him hoping he'd move in the summer but now don't think he will following promotion and have decided to flog the lot? (seeing people selling 300 shares in him in one go).

    Does it not make sense that with him playing regular in the Prem next year, he could rise higher and maybe earn a move in Jan or end of season depending how Villa get on?

  • Lot of people don't see the gobshite getting a transfer and jumped off.

    Doubt he'd have stuck around had Villa not gone up, hence why his price would have been higher. But with Premier football he's much more likely for MB and for an England callup so he's a decent hold.

  • @NeaviePops23

    You appear to have answered your own question mate.

    Following Villas promotion, he will likely stay at the club, and therefore wont get any transfer MB over summer and with Villa unlikely to be anything other than relegation strugglers next season, his PB scores will suffer as a result.

    If I held any Grealish, I would be selling also.

  • He was overpriced in hope of a transfer that now won't happen. Even from where he is now whats the best case scenario?

    He has a season as good as Maddison just had for Leicester? Maddison is only 15p more than him so IF he has that good a season he has a 15p rise alongside platform growth. Much better value than that out there in my opinion.

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