• How far do you think he will fall? A premier league player so no transfer spec but should do well even at Villa next year. I see many similarities between him and Maddison and wonder if their prices will be comparable come the start of the season.

    At what price are people buying in with next season in mind?

  • @NewUser140034 I was just looking for Grealish post, was going to ask what price do people think he becomes good value, currently 205p seems like it can't get too much lower 🤔

  • After a big drop like this we almost always see a swing back up, could still drop a bit further but its a good time to buy IMO as I'm pretty sure it will level out in a couple of days higher than the current price.

  • Really difficult to gauge without knowing his PB scoring history - does he take all Villa's set pieces?

    Only 6 goals in the championship is quite concerning - Maddison had over double that of we are comparing the 2 , and also has transfer speculation built into his price (can't see Grealish leaving his boyhood club for the first few seasons back in the PL at least).

  • I can’t see why people would buy him as he’s very overpriced in comparison to other players and there’s little transfer spec. I expect his price to fall further.

  • I've bought 100 of him.

    He's one of those players that the media enjoy building up only to knock down and he has a "punch me" face, so hopefully he should generate some more MB next season.

  • Just started a thread about half an hour before this but basically he was reaching a high of c£2.40 mainly I think due to people jumping on hoping for a busy summer of transfer rumours, now he's not going to move people have dumped him.

    Think he will go back up as he'll be playing in the Premier League and would expect all Villa player hype to be about him before every game so if he does well and performs he could get into England squads etc but who knows. Don't know how much lower he will go, and as mentioned by others he will probs go up a bit more but how much is unknown.

  • I still think one of the big teams may come in for him this summer, believe he’s that good. Obvsiouly Villa don’t want to sell which could turn it into a summer transfer saga. If he plays well then someone will definitely come in for him in January as well. Also, England call up would boost his price! Top up I reckon.

  • @Chris-J He has been injured a big chunk of the season, so the goals scored is a misleading stat. Him coming back coincided with the upturn in form.

  • An England call up is pretty realistic. And if he has a good season He'll be linked with some of the bigger clubs again.

  • Bit of a car crash for me on him. I was banking (betting) on a transfer, but lost on that. I’ve ditched half my hold on him.

    Win some you lose some, that’s why you have a diverse portfolio I guess. On the bright side Robertson is flying :)

    I’m sticking my other half of freakish (haha gotta love autocorrect) into Rashford. Got a feeling (hopefully this ones correct!)

  • He shouldn’t be as expensive as Maddison.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Maddison also has a punch me they are comparable

  • @DrDog Done exactly the same😉

    Kept Grealish until after the game but after he was interviewed I could tell he would give anything to captain Villa in the PL and you can't blame him as it's his club isn't it.

    Could easily see his price drip away to 1.80 mark? who knows.

    Put my Grealish money in to Rashford to top up what I had.

    Hopefully a good move with Nations League upon us very soon.

  • @Parvez112333 said in Grealish:

    @Timothee-Atouba Maddison also has a punch me they are comparable

    Very true! They are comparable in many ways. Games have similar characteristics except Maddison is better and over a year younger.

  • @Timothee-Atouba to be honest Grealish has been punched in the face. Just potential for Maddison

  • Since his return from injury in early March, villa played 13 games winning 11 and losing only 1.

    Grealish, had a large part to play in that run scoring 4 goals and picking up 4 man of the match performances, over those games.

    I agree he will stay at Villa which has clearly affected his price but come the new season I expect his price will have exceeded the previous high.

    He is English, young and the sort of player that FI loves, was 35p down now 25p down so is already on the rebound.

    I got in very early so am not concerned but is the sort of player with a good start to the new season which we know he is capable of, his price could rise still further.

    I will hold until we see how he copes with the premier league which I accept is a big step up.

    Good luck to all who hold (despite the fall today)

  • He is one of the most unpredictable investments on the market.... His performance in the prem/is he good enough for England/transfer speculation etc etc.... Not sure which way it is going to go but I'm holding to watch it play out....

  • Let’s be honest, Aston Villa finished 5th in the championship, I really can’t see them doing very well in the premier league, to be a good PB player you need to win games.
    For me Grealish is pure MB.
    He is still expensive, players like OX at 1.38 looking good value for next season and brooks £1.54. I Dont hold any btw.

    Grealish is also 24 in September so not really a new toy anymore.

  • @Long-Haul-Col I’m with you and continuing to hold. I watched him play a lot over the season and believe he’s the real deal. He has really matured and dragged that team into the playoffs. He’s too good for Villa, my guess it that he’ll be at a top club in the next year or so.

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