Joao Pedro

  • Peeps I am sure many of you have read about the 17 yr old Brazilian striker that is making a name for himself recently and attracting interest from Watford and latterly Liverpool.

    The thing is there is another Joao Pedro (27yrs old) again a Brazilian that plays according to FI for Cagliari.

    Now this player has risen recently and I am wondering if some people are buying this player in error thinking that it is the one linked to the PL teams.

    Maybe this player is decent and deserving of his price rise or possibly because some buyers have their wires crossed?🤔

    Just curious that's all.

  • @Gazz127 probably an error - well done for creating the thread & bringing attention to the subject. 👍

  • @Gazz127 yeah this has previously happened with the likes of adama traore. Prior to him being added to the platform even Gary Pallister said at the FI meet in Manchester he was a great buy even though it was some other guy that played for Monaco!

    Research research research!!!

  • @Stevo But there are still people buying this guy.

    Just note people that the Joao Pedro on FI is not the 17ry old supposed wonderkid.

    The 17yr old plays for Fluminense and looks to be a star in the making.ão-Pedro

    Quiet impressive stats and one to keep an eye on.

    All he needs is an ipo, easier said than done😉

  • There is now Buzz news attached to him saying he is PL bound lmao

    Fake news peeps but still they buy!


    He as far as I can understand is not coming to the pl😉

  • I was also assuming its people being stupid and buying the wrong one.

    No reason for the older one to rise

    pays to research And check the players age etc

  • Don't want to sound harsh but if people bothered to check his age before purchasing then they'd realise there's 10 years difference, I'm guessing all of the traders that know their football and the index well would know that the odds are not great for a 17 year old Brazilian to be on the Index anyway, especially with the IPO currently down.

  • @Andy-M To be fair Andy FI often have the wrong profile of players on the index. Remember Pedrinho from a few weeks back the Brazilian full back born in 1967 or something 🤣

  • @Gregolocky2018 No need to defend these purchases, I'm pretty sure that 30 seconds checking the info on the market and a quick Google search would have clearly shown anybody that it wasn't the same Joao Pedro, unless I'm 100% sure then I'll always google first, even if i see the rise happening in front of my eyes.
    Also I'm pretty sure that some traders are very smart and create these rises on purpose knowing that other traders will follow without a blink of an eye.
    There's just no sympathy mate, sorry.

  • @Andy-M 100%

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