When isn't Neymar injured πŸ™„

  • https://www.goal.com/en/news/neymar-limps-out-of-brazil-training-with-suspected-knee/slkxgy5fp7zn1odh3tl1ggxv6

    Doesn't look great if you watch the end of the video, he seems really pissed off which isn't normally a great sign in football.

  • @Andy-M Neymar is becoming a bit of worry - something all wrong with his attitude for a while now and his dividend returns have been poor for his price the last 4-5 months.
    I don't hold but if I did I would be having a serious think on his value right now.

  • Worrying times for holders, he got stripped of the Brazilian captaincy as well today but still couldn't make the top 3 MB places. He hasn't topped MB once since November, I don't understand how he's still so close to Pogba who has topped it over 30 times in that period.

  • @janner73 Totally agree with the attitude part, but to say his dividends have been bad for 4-5 months is a little strange, surely your aware that he was out for just over 3 months πŸ€”


    I no longer hold anyway.

  • @Andy-M The injuries excuse his PB obviously but for that price I want MB as well. You cant tell me the likes of Pogba wouldn't have been picking up MB even whilst out injured.
    I can't personally justify his price as a PB only player.
    Even if he wins PB 10 times in a season, I can own 10 70-80p players for the same cost to win PB 10 times in season between them and get cap app as well.

  • Nothing serious noted in his initial scans and getting assessed again today. Looks like he might be available to play on Brazils friendly on the 5th June

  • Would anyone like to take my bet that Mr. Neymar will be the first back to 10 quid on FI?

  • @Andy-M of course as soon as I mention his MB where he is today lol! although may not stay there with the EL final tonight

  • Neymar has had a ropey old season, particularly being injured for most of the second half of it. But he's still delivered a circa 20% yield in dividends since the start of August 2018 and that's based on today's price (not his price in August), so no need to panic yet.

    He could easily deliver another 25-30% yield in dividends next season, even without a big money transfer to somewhere like Real Madrid.

  • @ocs123 well he'll not be getting many PB wins in the beginning obviously, 2 league suspensions remaining and 1st 3 in CL group stage, that's what he's accumulated even before the season starts, I have a sneaky feeling that he's trying to push the buttons in PSG somehow, just seems strange recently, becoming a bit of a circus around Neymar, remember he's going to get a bad injury in January too (small giggle) think he's paying his doctor to fake injuries in January 🀣🀣

  • I agree with some of the above comments.
    Neymar hasn’t been himself for a while now. I know he has had his injuries but seems like he’s lost a bit of motivation and happiness at PSG. He went there to be the star man and try win the champions league and therefore the ballon d’or. Maybe he realises that he made a mistake going there. He needs to move for the sake of finding his form and happiness again.
    I don’t think he will move this summer but maybe next year. Only 1-2 clubs can afford him though.

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