Bernardo Silva

  • Bernardo Silva is still very cheap for someone of his quality in arguably the best team in the world. £1.60 for Man City's player of the season with 7 goals and 7 assists last season and at 24 years old, those numbers are only going to improve

    Comparable players:
    -De Bruyne (£2.23)
    -Sterling (£4.95)
    -Foden (£3.04)

    Obviously isn't going to get the MB of players such as Sterling but for PB alone £1.60 could easily rise 75% next season. Pep loves him and has said that he is a player he wants to base his team around. Not to mention the fact he regularly plays as a winger despite being classified as a midfielder on FI. Bernardo could easily become a City legend in the coming seasons.

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