Europa League Final

  • Whom do you think will win tonight and more importantly which players do you think will be the big performers?

  • Tough call tonight but I'm going for Arsenal for 2 reasons:

    1. Unai Emery in the Europa League has an unbelievable record
    2. Ultimately I think Arsenal may just want it that little bit more with a CL place at stake for them. Not that Chelsea will make it easy for them!

    Granit Xhaka and Aubameyang for me players wise.

  • Going to be a very close game. Can't call it - the post Drogba era has been a little kinder for us (Arsenal) in head to head... but Chelsea still have more pedigree. I see Arsenal playing the better football and deserving to win … but with our usual ability to throw it all away with horrible error proneness! Knock on the door for 90 mins but we will get a red, or an own goal or a catastrophic piece of defending etc.

    I have 500 Laca and Auba because they seem really good value...usually I'd try to soften the blow by putting my money on the opposition so it becomes win win, but no one at Chelsea currently stands out - maybe Giroud or Barkley for very short term flip.

  • I just can’t see past Arsenal winning tonight and at 5/2 I think they are a very good price ,I’ve invested a lot more in CL final but have bought a decent amount of Aubameyang for tonight.

  • Lacazette net movement (7 day and today) is down. Incredible scenes... Europa league final means very high chance the goalscoring winner will win MB and PB. He is in form and already very good value. Think they should just close the index and call it a day haha.

  • Danny welbeck a safe punt at his cheap price likely to become a main main at a mid table team looking like West Ham , could easily get a goal off the bench

  • I'll be supporting Arsenal - although I currently own no players on either side.

    Just for the reason they should have more money to spend if they win & should be a more attractive option for foreign players if they secure a Champions League spot.

    Got my Football Index head on.... 😁

  • Willian for me tonight, good price and potential to score/assist. Copa America afterwards aswell with a constant transfer rumour due to contract expiring. 79p

  • @BarbayanBrawler I'm sure Willian isn't in the Copa America squad 🤔

    Only from memory though - I've not double-checked

  • @Ericali Apologies, 100% correct, he is not included. Assumed it was similar squad to WC.

  • I think Arsenal win tonight

    Xhaka most likely for PB

  • @NewUser39202

    I think hazard lacazette and aubameyang.. .

  • @Vespasian32

    Exactly.. .his price is way too low... .then again FI has its own ways as investors are not all with it... lol

  • As a neutral Tottenham Fan, I hope they both lose.

  • @TheSleepingGiant said in Europa League Final:

    As a neutral Tottenham Fan, I hope they both lose.

    Haha. I was thinking about it this morning and all I came up with was a uefa disqualification for both and a final between the two losing semi finalists.

  • My only hold is arrizabalaga and I'm still within my 30 days but I've got a strong feeling for arsenal and maybe a big performance from Mesut

  • Mad to think that as it stands this is the last PB qualifying match until early August!

  • Seems like the common consensus is Arsenal and i'd agree unless Hazard turns up. Hes most likley coming up against Maitland Niles and think it would be crazy for Arsenal not to double up on him.

    Player wise i hold a small amount of Iwobi, low value (50p) and got Afcon after this so don't need to worry too much about a big drop if Chelsea do win.

  • Ainsley Maitland Niles, picked him up this morning. Dirt cheap

  • Arsenal fan here. If Hazard wants to change the game he seems to be able to at any point. We won the second game by keeping Jorghino penned in. Hoping for the same this time around but cant see it. Arsenal pessimism at its finest. We should be ok going forward but a shocking back pass, bad positioning, red card or something will undo the hard work sadly. I've got Aubameyang, Nketiah, Koscielny and Saka. Only 2 of those to play.. Auba to score but Koscielny on the receiving end of a few goals I think.

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