Ousmane Dembele Available

  • Lots of reports about Dembele being up for sale - possibly to be used in a part-ex offer for Neymar.

    Personally I can't see this deal happening but with the arrival of Griezmann and possibly another attacker it looks like Ousmane Dembele will be available this summer to the highest bidder.

    Only a matter of time before some PL links arise and of course playing in any team that doesn't have Messi in it would be great for his PB.

  • Who could afford him? Didn’t Barca pay over £100 for him.

    Could possibly see him getting a loan to a Orem club

  • @GregT14 even Fulham can afford 100m these days!

  • @Vespasian32

    Haha I’m sure they can. Can they pick up his wages though??

    I think he’s a good prospect, still very young. But Barca paid a silly amount of money for him

  • @GregT14

    Barca spent €105m on him (c£92m), from what I hear/read they are willing to do a deal at around £90m.

    Still lot of money but bags of potential, would expect some PL interest, most likely Man Utd as they are linked with every player out there at the minute.

  • He's young but I'm not sure he's good enough to be a regular at this stage at any of the biggest clubs (hence Barca getting rid). Will there be enough interest in a player at this price who isn't yet a world beater or will clubs just go for other players offering similar potential but at a fraction of the cost?

    I take Martial as example in terms of FI price. He is currently £1.86 and strikes me as being not too dissimilar in terms of age, position and how good the potential/current ability are. If he has settled at £1.86 at Man Utd (one of the most desirable FI clubs) does Dembele's price of £2.55 have much to go up? I'm not so sure unless he starts to perform much more strongly.

  • @NeaviePops23 they bought him at £92m & he flopped, & they will accept £90m for him?

    I bet they will! 🤣

    Not a chance. If Man Utd were even linked with him I'd be disappointed.

  • Dembele is quality, he's a kid and has been inconsistent at a massive club. Once his body settles down and the injuries stop, he will be a world beater. Any club be lucky to have him. Price comparisons to Martial are ridiculous, United had an appaling finish to season and Martial was injured aswell. Both will rise in new season. If PSG get Dembele in swap for Neymar, he will threaten PB win every game.

  • The Kenya Digest are now reporting the swap deal


    Off the top of my head i've never known them to get a transfer wrong.

  • @Chris-J
    😂😂😂😂😂 brilliant. Guess I better get investing

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