How to calculate your annualised rate of return (Statsgeek Thread)

  • Does this include if players are in the sell queue? (Doesn't it take it out of your overall balance?)

  • No, they stay in your portfolio value until they are sold, at which point the value is added to your cash balance (so either will be included in the calculation above)

    @Abaalan said in How to calculate your annualised rate of return (Statsgeek Thread):

    Does this include if players are in the sell queue? (Doesn't it take it out of your overall balance?)

  • Finally got round to doing this today, made more relevant as I've put the vast majority of my net deposits in the last 3 months. IRR is currently 296%.

  • @Yellow Great effort! After the trading bonus was paid mine jumped up to 230%

  • 190% for me, having made my first deposit on 4th December 2018. That is insane.

    In terms of cash ROI, I'm on around 58%.

  • @Coleyscrooge

    Thank you! This is exactly what I have been looking for. I am very happy with my returns but I wanted to know exactly how I am getting on, especially as I have been making fairly large deposits in a short space of time and these deposits haven't had time to build up CA or dividends, plus bonuses have distorted things.

    I will do this tomorrow on my laptop, rather than my tablet. One question though. Is there a formula that would show exact returns if you placed the money in your example in a 1.4% ISA instead of FI? Especially when deposits are mid month rather than the first. At the moment I work out it in a very longhand manner! Please don't spend much time on this, I am happy with my way unless you have an obvious answer!

    Thanks again, football, numbers, spread sheets and money, love it 🙂

  • @Martyn-B depends on a few things, for example whether interest on the ISA is paid regularly (so compounds) or once a year. But the simplest way is just to compare the quoted interest rate (so 1.4%) with the IRR you have calculated as per the above. I imagine it compares very favourably!

  • @Coleyscrooge Thanks. The interest is paid yearly. I am sure my IRR will be very favourable to my ISA. Might be easiest to just adapt my thinking (and spreadsheet) to % returns rather than monetary values! Thanks again.

  • I did it with my Nationwide ISA yesterday for interest and it came to 60% I think, so 190% is still better.

    And nationwide limits how much I can put in, which FI doesn't.

  • Did mine in google docs and the only way to get the formula to work is essentially inputing all the dates manually, tedious but i persevered.

    alt text

    Anyway my IRR came out at 125% assuming the calculation came out correctly, my ROI is 47% at the moment after 8 months.

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