Summer Predictions

  • Due to time restraints I seldom am able to regularity post on the forum as before therefore I thought one post with some opinionated options should spark some debate:

    Top Dogs

    Pogba will still be at United in September and will be somewhere in the top 5 MB places 40 times during summer madness. His price by September will be £9.00 + and traders will still be warning you off him in preference to some 25 year old playing in Portugal, Turkey, Scandinavia or Holland!

    Ronaldo will be just about worthless in 12 months time (£1) and his price will continue to fall over the summer and will only collect MB a couple of times as he keeps a low profile.

    Neymar will keep challenging Pogba for most expensive player on the index and if he stays fit next year will completely dominate PB no matter if he stays at PSG or moves to Spain.

    Messi - Barcelona start to manage his workload and his PB wins reduce and price drops to £2

    Players to Watch

    Ronaldo Vieira starts regularity for Sampdoria and with solid performances for the England U21 team breaks into the main squad and goes from 50p to £1.50

    Mason Greenwood breaks into the top 10 most expensive players on the index over the summer and then when he finally plays (either at United or on loan) finishes the year outside the top 50 after a steep decline in price!

    Football Index increase does/does not do the following
    PB dividend increase around Christmas
    Order books by Christmas
    New impressive Website by September
    No new leagues will be added
    No new territories will be added
    No Goalkeeper PB
    Major new investor/company buys a major stake by April 2020

    There you have some summer food for thought and happy to be told I am right or wrong but as I have put timescales we will only know who is right or wrong in time. Personally I will be upset if I do not get 75% correct 😀😀😀

    Happy investing over the summer


  • Agree with a few but Messi to £2, not a chance, will still be the highest scoring PB earner on the Index next year and maybe MB especially if he drops a hint of leaving

  • Almost flawless.

  • How about FI goes public and awards all current participants a volume of shares based on their total net deposits.

  • I only hope your wrong about keepers 🤞🤞🤞🤞

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