Dele Alli

  • Disclosure - I own some futures.... I bought a bunch back in Feb. He’s not really grown that much and his price relative to some overseas, overhyped, transfer targets is pretty low (£1.82). I think his quiet season has seen him overlooked on FI. However, he’s only 22, bags of potential, goals and assists (prior to this season), Champions League final approaching and likely to be a key figure for Nations League!

    Whilst obviously I’d love everyone to jump on him... I’m also trying to understand why he’s worth £2 less than CHO and Rashford £1.50 less than Greenwood, 50p less than Maddison and 30+p less than Grealish and Daniel James! For crying out loud he’s less than Rice only 6p more than Harry Maquire!

  • CHO - hype monster
    Rashford, Greenwood, James - utd premium
    Maddison - form coinciding with significant FI growth
    Grealish/rice- transfer MB

  • He is a very frustrating hold - I had exactly the same thoughts about him when I first started but any growth spurts he did have were usually followed by a sell-off.

    He seems to be less instrumental to Tottenham's tactics these days and has been anonymous any time I watched Spurs this season. I think his 'hype period' has been and gone despite him still being 22.

    PB scores are very poor too.

  • Glad I’m not the only one who’s been frustrated. But if he pulls two or three big games out of the bag this month - like he did against Ajax - I think he’ll rise nicely. But maybe he’ll be ananymous and continue to stagnate!

  • 6 goals and 6 assist is a very poor return this season.
    Maybe he will do better next season.

  • He was once England's great hope but now seems to be the forgotten man in international terms following the rises of Sancho, CHO, Rashford and an improved Sterling.

  • I have faith in Dele; as said, he's only 22 and clearly talented. Niggly injuries haven't helped him this year, and also his best play was when providing for Harry (who has also been out a lot).

    A consistent run next year and I think he'll rise again.

    Disclosure: I hold him, and I'm a Spurs fan.

  • His name is really bad for media buzz potentially (wants to be known as Dele) which defeats the point of holding England internationals.

  • He had 1 good season and since then has played like the league 1 player he really is ever since.

  • @NewUser275766 Ever so slightly harsh.
    He admittedly hasn't had the best of seasons but league 1! lol

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