Stick or twist

  • I've got a player in my portfolio who I have really high Hope's for. Hes my longest hold and represents just under 8% of my total portfolio.
    (I hold almost 50 players so this is significant.)

    He has spent ages going between 3p in the red to 3p in the green. Currently at exactly my buying price.

    He was intended as a long term hold without question, but with so many other players I'm sure could make my money work harder I'm now very tempted to sell up, reinvest elsewhere, and come back to him in the new season.

    Torn between thinking this is the very obvious thing to do, and thinking nows the time to exercise patience.

    Havent named him because just want thoughts on the scenario, but will if if would be helpful.


  • @MickTurbo what price bracket are we talking and how long have you held for?

  • @MickTurbo to be honest, without knowing who the player is we don't really have the context to give an informed opinion.

    What you should ask yourself, wjat is your reasoning behind thinking he was a good Long term hold? And are those reasons still valid?

  • Hovering around a pound and since day 1, early Feb. However, I've been on and off him a few times. Never off for long tho and in mid Feb I think he was around 82p.

    I've held him constantly now for only 6-7 weeks which is why my buy price is £1 rather than 82p.

  • @NewUser303261 its Lee kangin I'm on about. Dunno if anyone has any PB stats from him. I know he hasn't had masses of PB comp game time mind

  • @MickTurbo Really depends on the player... but try to think of why you bought him in the first place. I've got a few like this and I will hold as I genuinely believe that they'll eventually go up.

  • I’ve had the same problem and now I’m trying not to swap players about 2 much,if the reasons you picked him in the first place are still there id keep,I dare not look how much I’ve paid in commission so far and was forever seeing players rise a week after I sold them,I also understand cashing in on a player to spend on players on the rise but I’m trying not to do this as much now.

  • @Ynot_b I was forever chopping and changing players in my very early days. I made a big deposit last week which allowed me to get my holds in the majority of my players upto somewhere near what I've wanted them to be. This has combatted FOMO because if a player does spike I've got a good amount of him. Prior to that I was forever IS ing and it destroyed my gains.

    Since then I've been much more measured so it was money well spent but I'm looking at the money I've got in kangin at the minute and thinking how it could buy me about 90 rashfords. Hes on a very very short list of top players who I fancy building a sizeable hold in

  • @MickTurbo no offence but 6 or 7 weeks if hardly a long time.

    I mean what was it about him that made you think he was going to rise loads in that time?

    I joined 2 yeara ago and bought shit loads of donny van de beek. He barely rose a penny for 18 months and now after his performances in the CL hes risen shit loads.

    If you want a few quick bucks you need to buy players you think will definitely be involved in transfers or that will be stars when next seaosn starts. I mean does the lad even start for Valencia?

  • @Stevo he was getting a little bit of game time prior to going to the u20 world cup. As I said previously tho, he was meant as a long term hold but I'm just debating whether to free up the money to put elsewhere in the short term and then go back to him because his price is doing absolutely nothing just at the minute.

    The fear being that I sell up today with a view to going back, for him to bang a hat trick in in the next couple of days and suddenly be £1.40

  • Follow Valencia loosely... he's in around the 1st team and has to compete with Torres, Soler, Guedes, Mina, Rodrigo. I have personally held him and Torres in the past but have decided to move them on as Valencia as a whole are too inconsistent.

    He's gone up due to U20 WC hype (along with a few others) and then dropped off - which I find strange as it will get less exposure compared to the U21, AFCON and Copa America.

    But as others have said, think about why you went for him - this is my first summer with FI and have noticed slow price rises. Media Madness has kept it interesting.

    Personally I reckon you should go for player(s) involved in media madness who are due to play in a PB league in their 1st XI someone like Chukwueze (Villarreal) has been linked to Liverpool - I don't hold

  • @MickTurbo why not diversify so you have both? Rashford may get PB/MB due to Nations League

  • @albear83 that's the temptation. I'm now debating whether to just decrease my stake in him, holding on to enough to be worthwhile if he does go on to have a breakout year next season

  • @albear83 I'm building a hold in rashford mate. As I said I'm not massive on the top players at the minute but I view him as one of the very best prospects at the top end. If I do sell a few kangins that's where the money will be going

  • @MickTurbo that's the risk... bloody FOMO has cost me £40 in commission. Have only invested £700 as still prefer traditional betting. Have withdrawn around £60 - my upper limit is £1000 which I can see me getting to

  • Funnily enough I've invested about £3500 and paid virtually £200 in commission, same ratio.

    The whole point of my big investment last week was to stop all the IS tho and its worked upto now

  • @MickTurbo
    I’m more of the thinking now(still only 4 months since I joined)that I can’t be on everyone and I will miss out on loads of good rises but the ones I’ve bought I’m happy with I’m sure quite a few will be the same price in 6 months but I’m hopeful a lot will be 100%ROI or higher

  • @Ynot_b I keep telling myself exactly that but I keep forgetting it as well

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