Sander Berge

  • Haven't seen anyone mention this guy yet and he's absolute quality, 21 years old and plays central midfield for Genk. Got heavily linked too Roma and Tottenham in January but Genk were adamant that they were not going to sell him halfway through a season. He's far too good for Genk and I fully expect him to move this summer too a PB league, he signed a Adidas contract in January also that supposedly has a big bonus for joining a bigger league.

    I think he could be a very good PB player based off the information for Genk's Europa league run this season, 5 starts and he's averaging 104 points which is amazing albeit a small sample size.

    I know youtube montages are too be taken with a bit of salt, but If you want a better look at him then take a look for yourself.

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    There was a thread about him yesterday mate, not sure how to copy the link to it tho.... get scrolling 👍

  • @GregT14 The search function on this forum is abysmal!

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