PB Classifications

  • Can someone please explain to me how Hazard won PB as a midfielder and Pedro as a forward last night, when both players are listed as forwards in their profile?

    Is it another technical balls up?

    I don’t agree that Hazard is a midfielder, but if that’s what he’s classified as, surely it should say so in his player info! Otherwise FI are misleading customers who buy him.

  • @ocs123 Hazard was listed as a midfielder yesterday but seems to have changed again to a forward at some point after the game.

  • What a shambles. Think i’ll given these chop and change players a wide berth for a while.

  • I actually hadn't even noticed he changed to a forward again until your post.

    It is a bit of joke he was a Forward on Monday or Tuesday then changed to a midfielder Tuesday or yesterday and then back to forward today.

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