Vinicius Junior

  • Had to sell up last night to get on some rock bottom PB players before they start rising again.

    Very frustrating hold and will drop further over the summer after not making the Copa squad.

    With Hazard arriving, Rodrygo & possibly another forward I can only see him suffering further into next season and won’t receive the same patience he did in his first season.

    I was also wary of his lack of MB potential due to him being named Vinicius Junior on here when the press prefer to just use Vinicius or Vinicius JR.

    He also has Adama Traore levels of end product.

    Does anyone see enough positives in him to outweigh these factors?

  • In my book thats a massive plus for the player.A talenred young player just returning from injury will only help him pre season and next season.

  • @Chris-J could be a top player, but to be one you have to play regularly. I don't see where he fits in the Madrid team when Hazard plays on the left of the top 3.

    Back up, few minutes here & there at best. Unless he adopts another position.

  • Could be the next Neymar or Robinho at this stage. To be fair for such a young player it must be very difficult dealing with the personalities and team performances at Madrid last season.

    Either way i feel like next season wont be a break out one for him.

  • Not sure if you guys have seen this kid play.The very little games he played for madrid he was the best player on the pitch.He is always positive,attacks at every oppertunity and creates goalscorng chances for himself and others.Dont worry about hazard this kid will play as is part of a new madrid.

  • If you’ve seen him play this season, you’d know he’s going to be a top player. He will play regardless of Hazard joining. Madrid squad will see an overhaul

  • He's cheaper than Mason Greenwood, which is ridiculous considering the relative stages of their development, the relative likelihood of them each playing 20-30 matches next season and relative position of their two clubs.

    I know Real Madrid were useless this year, but at least they didn't finish 6th in their league and miss out on a Champions League place!

    Personally I can see Madrid lining up with Hazard on one wing and Vinicius Junior on the other. They're being linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry, but in order to bring in additional players (after Hazard joins), they're probably going to have to shift out Bale, Isco and Rodriguez, which will be tricky given that all three have had disappointing seasons.

    Jovic for Benzema could be a like for like replacement.

  • @Chris-J if you've already sold up I dont see any need to come on here stating reasons why you dont rate the guy unless you either dont 100% believe you've made the right decision or you want others to panic and sell as well.

  • @Stevo I thought it was an interesting enough debate to be had - We don't always have to have an underlying motive behind every discussion do we?

    I get that he is a 'potential' player but having already broken in to the first team, not being English & no transfer speculation I can't see where he goes from this point without dividend returns at his current value.

    There are clearly a lot of people that believe in him but where exactly will the dividends come from - Hazard will be on all set pieces to dominate the forward position PB and his FI name not matching his player name 'Vinicius' will hinder his MB potential.

    For me he was starting to look like a typical case of a player being great on the pitch but not great on FI.

    I'm just another guy on the FI forum - I don't consider myself to be anywhere near influential enough to cause a mass sell-off and if anyone does sell on the sole basis of reading this thread then they deserve a slap.

  • jesus how many you sell to cause the 10p drop !?

  • @nicky540 that's the power of the forum 😐

  • Hazard is media darling at the moment.Dont get all the fuss over him as a player.Whats he scored 109 goals in 357 games for chelsea ? How long did it take him to hit 50 for chelsea compared to othets like salah for example.Last nights final was a classic hazard.Giroud was the mano of the match in my book yet hazard gets all the attention.If ramos stays at madrid will hazard get the pens and all the free kicks ? Not sure myself.

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