Adrian rabiot

  • Reposts suggesting Man U have made him a contract offer.
    Yet another Utd link 🙄
    I do hold a small amount on this guy but he seems trouble. Having said that at £1.43 he’s possibly very very cheap.

    Thoughts on topping up or getting rid


  • @Matt-flint

    I only hold 50 but I'm hanging on - definitely on his way to a big club.

    If he ends up in the premier league it can only be good for his price.

  • @Matt-flint

    I just topped up having seen the links... he will.move to a big club and there will be speculation all summer until he moves!

  • Cannot realistically see Utd signing Rabiot - the last thing they need is another ego in the dressing room.

    Actually beginning to think most clubs aren't that keen on him - he's been able to sign a pre-contract with clubs since January but still nobody signs him. He pissed off Barcelona with contract demands and wouldn't be surprised if he's done the same elsewhere. Will be great for MB if he comes to the PL but for me that's a big IF right now and I'd be quite happy to wait and pay a premium if he actually comes to a PL club.

  • @janner73 yeah the guy does seem a little odd however I do believe he’s a £2 player in the prem

  • He’s on the move 💰💰
    7p last 24 hours. Liverpool or Man U 🚀🚀🚀

  • This could drag on for some time, bound for the Premier League it seems.

    Pretty much dead on for a top 5 media finish a few times a week at least.

  • @Meridismo04 hope so. Think he a bad egg but a decent player and cheap compared to others

  • He’s on the move again today anyone know why?

  • @Matt-flint lots of news breaking on Twitter that his representatives have held official talks with United and Everton. He’s the only player I’ve ever gone full whack on on football index. Hope I’ve picked the right man!

  • @NewUser252969 I hope so 2!! He will definitely reach £2 with a prem move 🚀🚀

  • Madrid and Juve are joint favourites for his signature according to the odds, he's pricey for a foreign player who's never won dividends in my opinion.

  • @Nally can see what you’re saying. Clearly a very good player though and sounds like he isn’t a full brick so I reckon if he does come to England he could get quite a bit of media attention.

  • @NewUser252969 yeah think he’s slightly nuts but a decent player and far better than some players valued at £2. If he doesn’t move to the prem I think £1.50 is his price

  • @Matt-flint
    hes just another herrera no?

  • @kaka8 maybe not sure however he’s free transfer and let’s be honest can’t be any worse then the shit Man U currently have!!

  • French international Adrien Rabiot has confirmed he is deciding between two clubs ahead of the 2019-20 campaign.

    However the 24-year has stated that neither side is a La Liga club, despite remuoured interest from both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in the play maker in the back end of the 2018-19 season.

    Rabiot imfamously fell out with manager Thomas Tuchel, and played no part in their Ligue 1 title run in, as all parties involved confirmed that he woulbe leaving the French capital when his contract expired in June 2019.

    "Juventus have contacted me, that is true, according to a report in Mundo Deportivo.

    "Italy is a wonderful country and we are in talks over a move.

    "However, I must make the corret decision as a demanding and decisive season awaits me."

    Rabiot also confirmed that late interest from Premier League side Manchester United has given him something to think about.

    "Manchester United is a great club, and so is Juventus.

    "Once I return from my holiday, I will make a decision."

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    Very interesting, excellent if he goes to united and good if he goes to Juve imo. The move could also have big repercussions on a certain Mr Pogba /if he goes to United can you see him playing alongside him? I personally think they’d be good together in the same midfield, but if he goes to Juve I can’t see them signing Pogba too.
    I hold by the way.

  • @Manu he will end up signing a contract extension to stay at PSG. No-one wants him as his a difficult so and so. Bit of a diva and his mum who is also his agent are demanding the earth! If all those clubs that you’ve mention wanted him, then why not have him signed up months ago. He was allow to discuss with other clubs 6 months ago. I was on him but jumped ship about 2 weeks ago.

    I’ll hold my hand up if him wrong, but I think he will stay in Paris.

  • What is the best outcome for him on here? Looks like he’s no way back at PSG

  • Best outcome for anyone on here is Man Utd

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