Neymar drop

  • @MrWh1te yeh but stories that do count have more points than he's been accredited with. Something fucked. But not sure he would be top 5 anyway today

  • @Vespasian32 agree he wouldn't be in the top 5 but surely simple adding up isn't to much to ask...

  • @Vespasian32
    Agreed but it isn't done manually I am sure, but all run by an algorithm
    I would think it is quite common when removing bits that it gets screwed a bit on the way.
    I am no expert though

  • @NewUser275766 Yep , Carindiru Penitentiary 1st Eleven! Doubt its in FIs plans for future PB League! Not many Clubs will want or can afford Neymar and even given his age he is prime for a move to China or the States if they let him in! Huge risk IMO at more than £5.00. Injury prone, dodgy temperament and an inability to act professionally unfortunately all traits needed for a chance of getting to 50% of Messi's class.

  • @fantasyindex injury prone maybe, bad temperament definitely but to say he is likely to move to china or the us is just bollocks. Id still easily put him in the top 10 best players in the world arguably top 5.

  • @NewUser297678 Where and who will buy him? China will pay top dollar and he is a spoilt brat ! I can't say for sure if he will or not but he has Brazilian teamates already out there and with the money and out of the spotlight of the European media would be a blessing for him. He will be a big fish which he craves and centre of attention in China. As far as top 10 I don't agree ! He was 2nd fiddle to Messi at Barcelona and has been taking the piss at PSG. Just because he is top on FI doesn't necessarily translate to the pitch. A few Farmers League trophies and being gifted a few medals at Barca where he was a minnow surrounded by class doesn't mean he is as good as he thinks he is. Guardiola and Mourinho who are top managers have shown no interest in signing him even when having the money available to them says something about how they rate him. I would say he may scrape top 10 at very best and at 27 there are plenty that will eclipse him in the next couple of years.

    You are quick to right off my suggestion as Bollocks but Football is a funny old game!
    Why could a so called top 10 player not play in China where in Neymar's case he would have all he's ever wanted. Fame,Cash and whatever his whims desire!

  • @fantasyindex
    Absolutely ZERO chance of him going China 🇨🇳
    Remember the reasons why he left Barcelona

  • @fantasyindex just because you are second fiddle to messi doesnt mean you are not top 10 in the world. In his last season at barca he scored 20 and assisted 26 in 46 games. Those are exceptional numbers. This year he has 23 goals and 13 assists in 28 games. You say who will buy him but i dont see why he has to leave psg? Its not in their interests to sell him. His commercial pull is huge

  • @NewUser297678 assists and goals alot easier with class players around you making intelligent runs and defence splitting passes. 23 goals in the farmers league should be a given for a quality forward. I'm not saying they have got to sell him but they may want to get shot of him given his current difficulties, that may be taken out of their hands if the rape thing comes to anything. Was he top scorer in France this season then, I suppose he was out 'injured' for quite a few games but even so can you imagine Messi in PSG , 50 goals with his wellies on.Even glass ankle could manage a 30 I would imagine. As far as being a commercial asset , I bet there are a few big contracts likely to be ripped up , again dependent on how the rape accusation pans out. As with most things, including FI and Investors, making money takes precedence over the small matter of possible serious illegal activity.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 yep wanting to be the main man and lead PSG to European glory. Oh and heaps of cash and a contract where he basically does what he wants! Hasn't delivered on the pitch yet.

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