Unable to withdraw

  • What the title says. I get a 'Warning - please make first deposit' alert which blocks me from withdrawing. Any help?

  • I think the customer support team is moving offices this weekend, so you might have trouble getting through to them until Monday. Never heard of that error myself though.

  • @AbuOG could be just their usual checks in relation to ID though I believe it provides a different message. Have you deposited using one card but withdrawn using another?

  • @Shippers I've had a previous card which I did lose but have changed it all on FI and have deposited since. I'll try to remove and add my details again in the morning and update this.

  • @AbuOG I think the system will look at your deposits and see your withdrawing on a different card. Things like this are in place to stop money laundering. All betting companies are the same for this type of thing. Once you get on live chat or ring them they will sort it.

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