Jamie Vardy

  • His price plummeted towards the end of the season after Leicester’s run of favourable games, but since the start of the summer his price has been steadily creeping back up.

    What do you guys think is his ceiling now? He’s coming towards the end of his career and will still score goals but I can’t see much in the way of MB/PB coming his way

  • Doubt he'll ever get a transfer.
    He's an ipd flip.
    Although he's now way above his in-season trading price and 3p off his inseason peak.
    I wouldn't buy. He's very much at his ceiling imo.

  • It’s already at peak level, I was trading in and out at 25-40p last season I think nowhere near 50.
    Leicester don't even have european football, he is priced at that level imo.

    Actually it was more like £1-£1.40 thinking about it, so 30 45-50p ish.

  • Also everyone who has bought now has bought to sell to ipd flippers. But in the first month there are only three games.
    Not many flippers gonna be buying him at that price for three games imo.
    And then everyone trying to sell will probs be shocked at the lack of demand and a small crash could happen as people instant sell.
    Or he could be propped up by new people trying out ipd flipping?
    I would sell while he's high if you own him.

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