Cheap Reliable Defenders

  • Kyle walker with some monster stats.

  • @LuaLua even with joao cancelo's imminent arrival?

  • @Uncle-G Personally I don't see it happening.
    When i see words like 'lining up' i basically see it as the paper has no official confirmation of anything. Makes it sound a lot closer than it is. Just look at the papers reporting it.

    Also man city could go get Aaron wan bissaka who is better.

    Even if it does happen at Kyle walkers price he only needs one pb win to be good value.
    All the papers say cancelo would be to 'provide competition'. We know how pep likes to rotate. Walker would be playing at least 30 of city's 60 games.
    With a pb average of 110 and pb max of 205 that should be easy enough. Was unbelievably unlucky this year not to win more.

    I also think he plays better next season and gets back into good books of pep.

  • @LuaLua Some good points you've made & his PB is very good when he plays

  • @Uncle-G Altho just realised if they get AWB he's probs worse off. Kyle would only play like 25. AWB too good. Hopefully that doesn't happen eeek

    I don't think city spend that much money this transfer window tho. Authorities have a very tight eye on their spending atm. would explain why they need to sell sane for so much.
    Every incoming transfer that happens is good news for kyle. Every outgoing probs bad. They will prioritise a fernandihno replacement. and for kyles sake i hope they buy chillwell.

  • @LuaLua think they will buy Saul Niguez to play in fernandinho role & think he likes zinchenko. Guardiola does like to tinker with full backs so can definitely see a new one coming in though

  • Florian miguel nimes

  • Leo Dubois 41p
    Juan Bernat 45p
    Stefan de Vrij 38p
    Lukas Klosterman 46p

    All have European football as well as being in PB leagues

  • @Schmitcattaxi he's on the initial list mate, good choice

  • Jose Gimenez. Atletico Madrid 24 years in Copa Am with Uruguay
    46p has won 3 pb I think
    Is on a lot of big teams radars
    Only down side had a couple of injuries

  • @NewUser218220 I've been keeping quiet about him because I've been building my hold in him but I've got a decent amount now.

    Hes another one with a very enticing 1 year graph and hes a win win transfer wise because if he stays he'll be a good PB player, average of 75, high of 182 and a yield last season alone of 20p which is about 44% of his buy price at present, and that was with Diego godin along side him who is also a good PB player.

    With godin moving on, gimenez' yield is likely to improve. Great hold

  • I think it'll make him more of a threat at set pieces too - Godin was always the main target but now it should be more towards Gimenez. I've held for a while.

  • Quality defender. Would be one of the hichest priced centre halves if he played in England imo. Copa America coming up as well and Uruguay are one of the better sides. Dunno what to expect from Brazil and Argentina these days, they could be dark horses, and it could be a shop window

  • Issa Diop for me at West Ham, still young and was impressive despite mid-season blip when CB partner was missing, around the 65p mark.

    Average score of 125 in last the 3 games when Balbuena came back from injury and they played together.

  • Quite an obvious one but Sergio Ramos is great value at 84p.

    Everyone will forget about his age once he bangs in a few game winning goals and maintains his penalty duties - Could sneak a few PB wins too, especially on CL nights.

    With Jovic, Hazard & Vinicius I can see Madrid winning plenty of penalties and I can't see any of the new arrivals taking penalty duties away from Ramos (he's the best at them anyway).

    He peaked at £2 last season - It would be quite a stretch for him to return that high given he is another year older but should easily get to £1.50 by mid-season (and a decent dividend return).

  • Gimenez a very good shout @MickTurbo

  • Azpilicueta and David Luiz look very underpriced right now.

    I just stocked up on Azpi - his stats are better over the last few seasons and he’s a few years younger, not to mention that he’s captain.

    For some reason I see David Luiz to be the type that might swan off to China for the last few years of his career.

  • @LukeD Kinda crazy that they’re priced so low when the likes of Vertonghen are almost double the price.

  • @LukeD Vertonghen wins a lot of pb. 12p compared to Luiz's 4p and Azpli's 1p.

  • Kimpembe 57p. PSG . 23 yrs old. some decent PB scores 95 avg 228 max. Will become more and more key for them as he continues to grow and others start to age. French squad Euros. Big transfer in the future when he finally gets fed up of french league.

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