Cheap Reliable Defenders

  • Quite an obvious one but Sergio Ramos is great value at 84p.

    Everyone will forget about his age once he bangs in a few game winning goals and maintains his penalty duties - Could sneak a few PB wins too, especially on CL nights.

    With Jovic, Hazard & Vinicius I can see Madrid winning plenty of penalties and I can't see any of the new arrivals taking penalty duties away from Ramos (he's the best at them anyway).

    He peaked at £2 last season - It would be quite a stretch for him to return that high given he is another year older but should easily get to £1.50 by mid-season (and a decent dividend return).

  • Gimenez a very good shout @MickTurbo

  • Azpilicueta and David Luiz look very underpriced right now.

    I just stocked up on Azpi - his stats are better over the last few seasons and he’s a few years younger, not to mention that he’s captain.

    For some reason I see David Luiz to be the type that might swan off to China for the last few years of his career.

  • @LukeD Kinda crazy that they’re priced so low when the likes of Vertonghen are almost double the price.

  • @LukeD Vertonghen wins a lot of pb. 12p compared to Luiz's 4p and Azpli's 1p.

  • Kimpembe 57p. PSG . 23 yrs old. some decent PB scores 95 avg 228 max. Will become more and more key for them as he continues to grow and others start to age. French squad Euros. Big transfer in the future when he finally gets fed up of french league.

  • Thinking about some of the older centre halves, their price reflects their age rather than their ability which makes them potentially great value PB holds but I'm looking at thiago Silva 25p and chiellini 33p.

    Were not talking 31/32 year old were talking 35/36 year old, do ppl think they've got another worthwhile year of PB yields in them?

  • @MickTurbo had a good look & Oscar Wendt played every game for monchengladbach, won dividends is crazy cheap at 16p plus europa league chances
    & berat Djimsiti at 20p for Atalanta is nuts another in europa league

  • 2 good finds them bud, I'd say particularly wendt, looking at his scores, draw back with him tho, hes up against elvedi, his team mate and fellow defender who averages 94 for PB so that will hinder wendt.

    That said tho, hes yielded 18p in the last 9 month or so which makes him a hell of a prospect at the price.

    Fuck it, I'm in

  • Caldara at Milan will play a lot more this season, still a decent low price aswell

  • @Uncle-G dani alves. Even at 36 years old hes dirt cheap. Looking for another contract so not due to retire. Still plays for Brazil. Wracked up some amazing PB scores.


  • @MickTurbo Wendt is their left back started every game, i've got Elvedi as well so between them should get some nice PB & 16pppppppp

  • @Lags11 @Stevo still both double the price of Wendt but not bad choices especially if they start

  • For me what I read about Jan Bednarek his stats are brilliant and as the article said a full season and he will be up there as one of the prems best defenders and his young and if improves and had a better season then he could easily follow VVD’s footsteps

  • And you could probably throw Alvaro odriozola into that he is still very cheap Real Madrid youngster they paid 27 for him and isn’t going any where in the real exodus

  • Just realised Oscar Wendt has the best Dividend Yield on the whole Index of 37.50.......

  • I think Marcel Halstenberg (72p) is a very reliable defender. Won PB 3 tines last season each time posting a score above 200. Regularly hits scores of 150+ as well & posted 8 assists and 4 goals in 37 games last season. Leipzig will be in Europe again, so can see him reproducing his form this season. 👍

  • Diego carlos
    26 years old
    9p in divs
    Been completely missed by everyone.
    so cheap could see some real nice cap app as well

  • Jony looks a good one. Great assist history, PB potential and apparently signing for Lazio so will have EL.

    I’m holding Knoche, Roussillon and Mbabu from Wolfsburg as think they all look underpriced for attacking defenders in the Europa league.

  • Also for cheapies I think Ferrari looks good. Seems to be nailed and has grabbed a few goals. 20p

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