PB + europa

  • There's currently only 1 defender in the index that will be playing in the europa league this year Bellerin. So guaranteed some buzz wins this year. Also being linked with Barca which I cant see happening until next season. Looks like a good buy to me what do you guys think?

  • Everton's Europa qualifier 1st leg is tomorrow. Perhaps wait and see if they get through (they should) before putting all your money on Bellerin.

  • Good buy for sure.

    Everton and AC Milan are in the qualifying stages so you can add (potentially) Pickford, Keane, Coleman (Injured) and Donnarumma to that list.

    Even with all of those, there's still a 1 in 5 chance of winning PB if you buy Bellerin, so yes, great value.

  • It's been strongly hinted that Wenger will be putting out the reserves for the Europa league. Wouldn't surprise me if Bellerin didn't get many starts until the end of the tournament (if they're still in it). I think Everton players could be hidden gems this season.

  • @simon

    Very true, hence why I think the likes of Iwobi, Welbeck, Walcott and Giroud (if he stays) could all be decent buys. But last season Oxlade Chamberlain was the preferred right wing back, so Bellerin could indeed be favoured in the Europa League.

  • Don't think he scored very well in the opta stats thing and Holding is sneaking up near the top of the squad.

    Not for me - bit wary about signing players only because they have little competition as more players will be promoted before it kicks in.

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