How to know when to sell

  • Basically how do you choose who and when you are going to sell?

    I need to sell part of my port and struggling to choose the best options to get rid of. So far I've focused mainly on the players I've made a profit on and have stagnated. Or should I look to offload the ones who are performing poorly first?

  • Take each hold on its merits mate.

    I'm only in the red with 2 at the minute. Pulisic and banega. But I wouldn't dream of selling because pulisic will undoubtedly rise in the new season because there will be media interest and everybody will be asking if he can fill hazards boots. Banega will rise also because hes a well known PB hold.

    Other end of the scale, 2 of the players I'm well in front on are Mason mount and Manuel locatelli but I wouldn't dream of selling either because they both have the underc21 euros coming up and are both in teams that could do well.

    Look at why you bought each player, work out if those reasons still have mileage. There will be some that are more logical to sell than others

  • Look at the current buy price of each of your holds - if you would still buy them at that price then hold. If you wouldn't buy them at that price then it's time to consider selling, or at least to have a firm strategy to sell at some point in the future.

    I am holding several top players without a specific exit strategy because i believe if i hold them long enough, they will continue to rise. With other players who i bought primarily for capital appreciation, i have recently sold several to market because i believed their prices had climbed beyond the point where they were still good value.

  • @Wotabeast said in How to know when to sell:

    Look at the current buy price of each of your holds - if you would still buy them at that price then hold. If you wouldn't buy them at that price then it's time to consider selling,

    100% … akin to what I put in the advice thread … don't be blinded by what you bought someone for and whether you are in profit or not or by how much... just look at the current price and if you think its going to go up (hold/buy more) or down (sell/queue).

  • @Vespasian32 Exactly. One other tip i would add, related to your post, is to be entirely pragmatic about the whole thing. Don't hold players for sentimental reasons, or even because you like the way they play on the pitch. If they don't perform on FI, then don't buy/hold. If a player has reached an impressive profit level, consider selling - don't hold on to them out of some emotional attachment to that player and never, ever be driven by your "average buy price".

  • @Wotabeast what do you mean by average buy price? And why is it not a consideration?

  • Hi all, I have spent a bit of time researching this forum trying to find a bit more advice about when people decide to sell players but couldn't find anything. Whilst I appreciate there will be a number of reasons why people sell on a personal note having joined in May this year I have put in about £2500 but have only just today finally got into the green albeit only showing profit of +£37
    I would love some expert advice on my portfolio just to see if people agree I should be looking at selling a couple of my players but can't seem to find out how to upload a picture of my portfolio. I have profit showing in draxler +£33.72, koulibaly + £13.30 and cancelo +£22.68. I am down quite a bit in dybala and neymar. Any advice welcome, Thankyou

  • I should have sold Reece James this evening just before I had my bath as when I get out I hear he has a potential serious injury and his price has collapsed somewhat.
    You can't take your eyes off the game for even a few minutes it seems😟

  • @Gazz127 tell me about it. I am finding myself at the moment glued to sites like news now transfer talk and i keep checking my portfolio just to see if there is any breaking news. What with work, family etc I don't want this to take over my life where I have to be on it all day. Ideally i want to build a port that whilst won't make me millions will in time be a tidy investment without me constantly buying and selling and checking it if you know what I mean.

  • @NewUser354220 Yes it can sort of take over your time and that's not good when this takes up your time when you should be spending it with your family.

    In a way I wish I had sold many of my players at seasons end and took a bit of a break as trying to second guess the transfer activity of players is bloody hard work.

    On top of that had one of my worst days on the index today.

    Losses today on Kane,Sterling,Sancho,Rabiot and now Reece James.

    Ah well as they say swings and roundabouts😉

  • @NewUser354220 if you want to show your portfolio just screenshot it and when your typing a msg in the top right the cloud looking thing with the arrow, click on that, select files and select the screenshot(s).

    That's how I do it on my Samsung anyway, might be different on other phones

  • @MickTurbo cheers Mick, 0_1559940314168_Screenshot_20190607-214408_Football INDEX.jpg 0_1559940328160_Screenshot_20190607-214420_Football INDEX.jpg

  • Random amounts in every player, you're a monster 😂😂😂

  • @MickTurbo haha the trippier was a bit of an experiment with some left over penny's after my massive £2 dividend

  • @NewUser354220

    Hi there,
    there are a few fundamental lessons that will help you.

    1. be patient
      Plenty of time to hold its a 3 year bet remember.

    2. Don't put too much money in before you understand the index
      You've gone in hard. Which means you'll get a nice bonus soon. But often the first month is filled with mistakes and learning. If you have too much money in the index you can never relax as you never know whats going ot happen and why and will keep you up at night.

    3. Diversify.
      You need more than five players.
      And They also can't all be transfer targets. Transfer targets are risky holds as they rise in anticipation of a transfer to a better Fi club but then if that transfer never materialises there could be a largish drop.
      on transfers (If you get in late on some of these transfers you can see a lot more drops than you do rises. It's impoertant to be predictive rather than reactive)

    You diversify so you can stomach any random events and unluckiness like the neymar rape case.

    1. know why you bought your players and have an idea of when you want to sell
      Ask yourself why you bought these players.
      Is what you expected to happen in the real world happening?

    If it is and the price is rising then maybe get out when you think the rise has slowed.
    If it is and the price isnt rising you need to analyse how real world impacts affcect price.

    If it isnt happening you need to question if it will ever happen and if its worth waiting. It often is as you've found out with cancelo.

    Read the pinned thread at the top of the forum follow the links and learn more.
    Keep asking questions on the forum.

  • A single share is acceptable as a tracker but 189 Joao cancelo's, good God man what's wrong with ya lol

  • @MickTurbo I just genuinely believed that he would / still might move to one of the PL big guns and thought his price at £1.06 was cheap.

  • Oh theres nowt wrong with him as a hold mate.
    Mine are all rounded to a hundred on a single share. I was all random numbers till I read a similar conversation to this between two other people and since then I need rounded numbers.

  • @NewUser354220

    As a rough guide
    Messi sell near end of group stages
    Tammy not sure about his and chelseas situation tbh but he will probs rise again when chelseas appeal gets denied
    Dybala could be a rollercoaster not sure anyone knows whats going on with him tbh. Pb beast when on song tho so long term hold
    Rashford holddddd
    Draxler hold for a bit longer
    sancho hold think he'll be classified as a forward next season which means pb divs +prem move coming
    koulibaly hold should be good for pb next season doesn't look like he's gonna move
    neymar there are plenty of threads with more indepth knowledge on him
    meunier hold
    cancelo dunno
    trippier hold lol
    donny dunno

    Last piece of advice is don't listen to me or you'll never learn. Need to use your own judgement make your own mistakes and seek out plenty of opinions.

  • @LuaLua Thank You very much for taking the time out to give me your view on things. Hopefully in time I might be better placed to offer advice to those starting out just like I am now. Cheers

  • @MickTurbo haha im the same as you mate, its like cutting up a giant rice krispie square, all the lines have to be straight. Then i went and bought 100 marquinos not realising i already bought 1 as a tracker so i have 101 in him, looks well out of place its doing my head in, messed up my entire portfolio.

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