Christian Eriksen “wants to try something new”

  • @Big-Daddy I know I’m not allowed to say this, but...he wants to take the step up he keeps saying, I don’t see that he would want the step down to europa even for a season, if he stays in prem (levy would be very hesitant to keep in prem and would try to sell abroad) I could see the most likely move being to Liverpool to give them something different in attack. Disclaimer: spurs fan! 🤣

  • Wasn’t there reports about a premier league premium on Ericsson, like 100m to a European team and 150m to a Epl team. Sorry Utd fans, it ain’t happening

  • @NewUser356207 As a Liverpool fan I wouldnt want him after last season. I think he just wants more cash than he is on at the moment. So yes can see him at united as they rebuild. But could also see Madrid going for him too. Quality player on his day

  • Do people think he will drop if he goes this week? Assuming it’s Madrid?

  • I think he's already dropped for the foreign move. He's now at pb player price. Will need to rack up some Pb to go up, but capable of doing so. Might get some mb during the transfer. Then a season in an easier lg, champs lg, Denmark qualifiers and euro20 should see him lead to a spike here n there.

  • "Christian Eriksen wants to try something new"


  • Can’t see him getting the move he wants now. All gone pretty quiet with a week to go.

  • @Martyn-B just did a search for the old eriksen threads and it was the last one! But he did indeed say he wants something new!

  • @NewUser275766 I can see levy selling him at the detriment of the team because he doesn’t want the 40/50mil loss of him going for free next year. It’s just if the bid comes in or not.

  • @HPcoys Eriksen could dig his heels in if the right club won’t come in yet. Paying nothing or negotiating that free in January must be really tempting to the big clubs. Not sure even Levy can stop this being a free transfer now.

  • @NewUser275766 as a spurs fan I personally would take another year and lose him for a free as long as he knuckled back down. He could be the difference between top 4 or missing out...

  • What do we see his price going to if he stays after 02nd Sep? which is now looking likely


  • @Advinculas-Index My guess is, assuming he stays without signing a new contract, we'll see a steady rise as he could do well for MB in January when he can sign a pre-contract agreement with a new club.

  • PSG potentially interested now - would love that move as he would surely be a regular PB contender in the farmers league.

  • @janner73 id be happy with that

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