players who sign contract

  • If a player signs a new contract does that generally mean price will go up?

  • Depends who it is. Otamendi didn't but if can signed tomorrow his price would rise

  • @Noirx4 your advice on wilshere and ozil?

  • @PabloFI Wilshire is a complicated one with them signing mkhitaryan and ozil potentially signing a new contract you have to try and work out what wenger will do with his squad to get all players in.

  • Just wrote a long essay on the potential effects and BANG!!!! Ozil has signed a new contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here were my initial thoughts....

    Wilshere is 26 and has an outside chance of getting in the England squad this summer, if he signs then great, we all expect a media buzz if he is picked for a return to international level which should see more buyers in him leading to a price rise... If he doesn't sign then great still.... The transfer speculation will keep things interesting on a media buzz front which should also keep his value healthy...

    Ozil is 29, if he signs a new contract it means he probably won't leave Arsenal within the three years you hold his share? This means no MB or transfer speculation, he's soon past his 'prime' and only PB form could keep his price from falling. If he doesn't sign a new contract then the next move he makes will be big - his price could rise (especially if linked with Man Utd) as he'll be heavily linked with MB.

    Having just read the news.... Ozil has fallen in price quicker than an Australian seemer and now looks destined to be doomed at Arsenal mediocracy for the next five years!!! surprised to say the least!!!!

  • @dannypea ozil has signed for one thing. The massive wage. He's held arsenal to ransom knowing now Sanchez has gone they had to keep him to appease the fans. He's far too inconsistent to pay that sort of money and I would have let him go and brought in some hungry new players.

    Anyway I digress. The reason he was so high was because he was linked with man Utd. Unless he has some great performances his price will steadily decrease.

  • @dannypea i'd be amazed if wilshire wasn't in the wc squad, as long as he's playing regularly

  • Totally agree and as an England fan I would love to see him included! Certainly think prior to the international friendlies (if you haven't already) it might be worth getting in on Wilshere as I think should he be selected for WC18 he will be one of the larger MB stars for England as papers try and predict their starting XI's??

  • Wilshire is Wilshire you never know when a slight breeze will break his legs

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