Fedor Chalov - Will he move??

  • At just 21 years old scored 15 & 7 assists in 30 games for CSKA Moscow currently been touted as moving to Arsenal at just 74p looks great value if it happens. Russian players are notoriously slow to leave but this looks to have legs with Sevilla & Monaco also mentioned, lighting up twitter feed currently!.

  • About time.....ive been holding him for a while. Was guna sell him a few days ago. Lucky i didnt.

  • Yeah mate i'm all over this. Just picked him up :)

  • Another one I sold too early 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Happy with where the money went tho

  • He might be reluctant to leave after the absolute disaster of a season Golovin has had

  • Is He likely to start for Russia tomorrow? he seems a reasonable price still @81p.. anybody think hes worth buying into for euros?

  • To answer the original question, I wouldn't be surprised if he never leaves. They are well paid in Russia with a generous tax system, their language is completely different from Western languages and so if they only speak Russian it would take alot to learn a new language with a different alphabet, and they just don't leave. Dzagoev, Akinfeev, Denisov, Kokorin, all these players were big names for the national side and never left Russia.

    Golovin seems to be an exception rather than the rule.

  • @BradD palace had two bids turned down in august. There is clearly interest from the premier league so ive decided to hold

  • Either way speculation is money in the bank!!!

  • @Ole-ole Head Coach said that he wont take Chalov as the passenger to the national team and for him Dzyuba is without a question number 1 striker , so no Chalov wont be the first flute at Euros unless he has incredible season , but with so much love for Dzyuba back in Russia i think it will take around 50 goal season for him to replace Dzyuba

  • @Nikitz71 .. thanks for the info, much appreciated.. I suspected after first game he wasn't going to get a sniff, so listed him, he sold quite soon though, I was surprised..

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