Bernardo Silva

  • Key player for Man City and Portugal, one of the best in the league.. . . Rarely gets substituted as his work rate and stamina is top notch.. . His price is around £1.80

    Where do you guys see him rising to by the end of next season?

    Surely at least £2.50+

  • I’ve been thinking the same thing..
    Also I think this season we will see KDB kill the PB.

  • Any thoughts on Bernardo currently? I took the deposit bounce as a chance to sell ~70% of my holding after going heavy on him in summer, as was concerned the hattrick with uncompetitive pb confirmed my worst fears. Seemed others did too as his value was 20% down from his peak.

    He’s now up 22p/ 10% and certainly benefitting from deposit bonus investment. Would people sell remaining 30% at what feels a good price and profit, or can someone sell me on his benefits again if currently pb doesn’t seem to be one of them?! 😁 Appreciate he’s a very classy player and important for city and Portugal.

  • @ssalot I'd be selling 100%

  • @ssalot sell sell sell

  • @ssalot

    I sold on a big profit and was happy.. . Now i'd be on mahrez!

  • @MickTurbo said in Bernardo Silva:

    @ssalot I'd be selling 100%

    Agreed get out mate, scored a hat trick the other week and still didn’t win PB

  • Sell. Great player IRL. Terrible player for dividends on here

  • Hold. Young, talented player at one of the best clubs in the world currently, playing regularly in every possible competition and it's the Euros in the summer.

    Might not win many PB points, but idiotic to sell IMO. Blatant hold. (Its just a shame hes a daft racist!)

  • @Leighton
    You really think that tweet makes him a racist?

  • kdb has bad knees. bernardo to hit £3+

  • Sell. Most overpriced player on FI. Rarely going to get dividends ahead of KDB or Ronaldo. Rarely going to get MB, until this week the most controversial thing he has ever said is "it rains in Manchester". From memory, and the last time I made this point, 1 PB win ever and 3 MB wins ever. Much better value elsewhere, great in real life and match of the day highlight montages, not on here.

    Edit: Also last season KDB injured a lot, Bernardo got the most minutes. Man City won the treble, Portugal won the Nation league, Bernardo won 0p PB. How much better can he get this season, especially with KDB back?

  • @ItsComingHome Erm, yes. Let's not start that discussion, but yes.

  • At the start of the season I had 200, put him
    Up this time last week and obviously sold over the weekend. Thought he’d be a great hold but had been dropping the last 4-5 weeks. Glad to be out with a good profit

  • @NewUser5676 Who hasn't dropped the past few weeks? Profit is profit for you so no issue there selling him, but I'm holding and very happy to. Hes stupidly cheap for where hes currently at in his career and in a year he'll be higher. How exactly will he depreciate? Hey ho.

  • @Leighton said in Bernardo Silva:

    Might not win many PB points, but idiotic to sell IMO. Blatant hold.


  • @MickTurbo Cap app innit. Hes 25 and playing consistently well at a major club in every competition. Hes ridiculously cheap all things considered. Like I said, hey ho. I'm holding. Y'all sell away.

  • @Leighton sorry mate, I know I'm being a bit sarky there. You can make cap app on any player so fair play to ya if your in profit, the thing is theres nowt there to sustain that price so it's like a game of chicken. Sooner or later he WILL drop and holders will get burnt. Look at joao felix's 3 month graph. You'll always see these 2 players mentioned together because they're in that exclusive group of world class players who dont get divs.

    Good luck to ya mate but have an exit plan

  • Currently buying....Home qualifier against Luxembourg,
    A PB win isn't going to surprise me two weeks from now, neither would another hat trick.
    Throw in home games against Zagreb and Wolves and I'd suggest now may not be the best time to sell. Could shine in all three and that's what I'm 'vested in.

    @MickTurbo What would I know eh. I'm the numpty who sold a viking this afternoon lol

  • @C-Arroyo

    Cant believe it. Hopefully there'll be a bit of profit taking and you can get back on. That PB win was coming man, hes consistently posting good scores. 222 with 1 assist.

    I've had some shares in the queue all day which I expect to move tomorrow with it being pay day for most ppl. I've got other targets but after tonight I think I need another 100 of him

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