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  • I am hoping that FI can put together a page showing the future games and competitions that will be included in any of the dividend days over the summer. For instance there are the U21 European championships and the African Nations Cup as well as the Copa America semi-finals/final and the Concacaf Gold Cup. it would be very easy to have somewhere where future information can easily be accessed. This would help traders with their investments.
    Also since joining FI I have regularly had to scramble round trying to find out the eligible fixtures for the day. Surely this can be addressed and the fixtures for the coming week could be put up in advance.
    Lastly as you can see from this week people have no idea which dividends are going to be paid out/eligible on which fixture. This doesn't help traders at all.
    As they say information is power and you seem to want to keep hold of it and deny traders what they need. INFORMATION!

  • During the regular season the eligible fixtures are always the same: Serie A, Ligue 1, Prem, La Liga, Bundesliga, Europa and Champions league. So not sure why you've had to scrabble around for them. As for the other competitions, they haven't announced that they are eligible so as of now they are not. The Nations League is eligible for IPD, which was clearly communicated. I never buy for IPD and have little to no interest in it but I knew that. Seems that people don't put much effort in to find out these things and then just complain.

  • @Specksynder
    Not complaining. Just looking for easier access to better information. Also if the Nations League was so clearly communicated how come many traders expected Match Day dividends? And yes in the regular season its easy to know which matches are eligible but guess what ? It's not the regular season is it ffs.

  • @NewUser61198

    But you said:

    since joining FI I have regularly had to scramble round trying to find out the eligible fixtures for the day.

    When did you join? Your username suggests years ago.

  • @Specksynder
    Been a trader since the end of April so fairly new to site. Lots still to learn. Finding information on Forum, Blog, Twitter is what I sort of mean by scrambling. Not all in one place. If you have any pearls of wisdom please share. Do you know if the U21 euros and the African Nations will be included in Match day or In play dividends? If they were I would look to be investing in players that are part of those competitions.

  • @NewUser61198
    Ok mate my mistake, thought you would have been on longer than that due to your low username. They haven’t announced that those tourneys are eligible

  • @Specksynder
    No problem. As for those comps, they are the only major football over the summer break and surely FI know NOW whether they are going to eligible comps? I have identified 20 players from the 12 participating countries who could do well for traders for IPD and MB as well as putting themselves in the transfer window. I would be happy to really speculate on a few if I knew what the "plan" was from FI. I would say(hope) many of those 20 will rise greatly in price. Dimata ( of Belgium), Wolf (of Austria) and Cutrone (Italy) to name 3 potential earners.
    I have put hours of research into both tourneys but don't know if they will become eligible. FI want investment but I am prepared to go all in without the info I need. Thoughts.

  • @NewUser61198
    Should say not prepared

  • @NewUser61198

    Safe to assume they won't be eligible. As you say they should and would have announced it by now if they were.

  • @Specksynder I don't think it's an unreasonable ask for FI to have posted an announcement on the website and to have left it pinned stating what matches/ tournaments were eligible for the Summer. However this is FI and the door is open for them to make an announcement that the competitions will be eligible @ any point up to the final of any one or all of them and give it the massive' EXTRA SUMMER TOURNAMENT BONUS' thus sending all and sundry scurrying around for opportunities and the market into a fluster. It is not in FI interest to keep us informed because if they say definitely no they have no wiggle room ,if they say nothing or ' No plans to at the moment' they have the option to introduce these bonuses if they are beneficial financially to them. They also come out smelling of 🌹 as we all applaud the generous nature of FI who then make millions on the back of our sales following the inevitable chaos.

    Maybe a bit cynical but hey😆😆

  • @fantasyindex Just contacted them directly and they say that neither will feature for in play dividends this summer. No mention was made of match day dividends so I have re-contacted them and am awaiting their reply. Like you I think it's a massive miss for them to "ignore " these two prestigious tournaments with so many of the players on their index involved from Salah to Ziyech to Jovic to Aouar. Incredibly short sighted in terms of boosting the market. Ah well.

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