• Suppose u could say its just the nations league end o season and Al that or maybe ur rite mog bang average. Maybe even rotten too the core hehe

  • Give the opposition some credit.

    Depay is awesome. De Light also (but expensive!). Promes not bad either.

  • @NewUser151265 never tire of watching Gazza take the complete piss out of that lump of a centre-back though.

  • Guessing you are Scottish. Your lot canโ€™t even beat borat and his cousins.

  • Netherlands are a decent side. I mean, they Are pretty good. But they're no Kazakhstan


  • Thats better noo back t the game England should been 2 3 up. de ligt dodgy as fuk at bak before he scored there second goal what a disaster then ur heeds drop shockin.

  • @Munchie63 yes was privilage to see gazza tear it up, not that goal rite enough but he played fur me team and was amazing.

  • @Metropolis depay is not awesome

  • @NewUser275766 yes pretty piss poor. Doesn't change the fact England's over hyped over paid an a bunch o ninnys!

  • I really must learn the Scottish language

  • @NewUser151265 probably, but he made me a tenner in IPD so ๐Ÿ‘

  • @Chris-J gonnae no

  • Rashford injured replaced by unfit kane didn't help.
    Trent would normally be playing.
    Gomez in for stones I think.
    Delph was playing, like how?, Maddison will be in that team next season.

  • The midfield were awful the only way forward was through Sancho. Anyone else notice it was a good 20 minutes after sancho was replaced that we even got close to their goal. Kane and sancho together was working great it seemed daft to bring him off

  • Would love to know how many times Declan Rice passed sideways / backwards compared to forward
    He isn't the answer
    Harry Winks is different class to Rice

  • Im not scottish and i fully agree we are shite. Sterling, kane and sancho are up there with the best, sancho especially in years to come. But our midfield yesterday was rice, barkley and delph who are all average at best (delph not even average). Our centre back pairing were stones and maguire who would be worth a combined ยฃ10m if they werent being bought by big clubs to fill squad quotas. I loved every minute of the world cup but we only got as far as we did through the luck of the draw

  • The lesson for England and England fans was clear after that result. ...

    Never, EVER boo Virgil Van Dyke ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • At least weโ€™re not as shite as Spain and Croatia, oh and Scotland - the worst team in the world!

    Fine margins with that Lingard goal, which could have seen us knock out a quality Dutch side who have the best young players in Europe.

  • We lost to Holland. They're a good side.

    2 Champions League winners, Champions League semi finalists, Barcelona keeper, Barcelona bound players and of course the mighty 'Bwrgwijn'.

    Not the end of the world, England football has taken great strides forward in the last year. Southgate is the man ๐Ÿ™Œ

  • Fans are so fickle.

    No team is at it all the time, and yesterday was clearly Englands worst performance in a good couple of years. And despite that we were still a VAR moment away from getting to a final. In the end it took extra time and a couple of defensive brain farts to lose out to a decent side.

    There's a lot of people chatting shit about De Ligt (who I no longer hold after selling for a nice profit) like they forget he's 19 and has been solid all season, including against some top sides in Europe. A couple of dodgy moments in one game (where he still managed to make a big contribution) isn't going to stop him from being maybe the best defender in the world in the future.

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